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GPS Fleet Tracking System with Temperature Monitoring feature helps maximize delivery efficiency, minimize driving times and keep an eye on food, where the intelligent system is programmed with alerting features if the temperature exceeds the threshold.


Trinetra’s Vehicle management has now became more flexible and find its place for diverse vehicle tracking needs, Trinetra Wireless one of the leading service provider in the GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management solution, with Trinetra route scheduling can be done using a string of landmarks also drivers can know the distance and duration taken between the landmarks of the route.


We at Trinetra work focused on our customer requirements and the long-term success of their businesses. It is with that focus that Trinetra brings you a new advanced reporting feature, where clients can monitor the real time movement of vehicle(s) and generates report for the selected duration.


Are you curious about the innovations that Trinetra has to offer you at COMEX? meet our stall representatives at Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre | Muscat – Sultanate of Oman, Stall No: 617 between 28th to 30th March’2017.


Trinetra is committed to provide quality customer services, unique and need based product mix offerings and comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions to all its customers and business partners fostering mutually beneficial win-win relationships.


Modern GPS tracking devices are more intelligent and give users the detailed report like, where, when and how long the vehicles were idling.


Trinetra successfully partnered with technology giants, allowing the integrations on the platform level due to the modularity and flexibility of Trinetra


Trinetra wireless with wide array of GPS tracking features, showcased its industry leading GPS Tracking system and at this juncture we take immense pleasure to share that we have been awarded the Best Exhibitor for STPI Start-up & Digital India, Pavilion2016.


Trinetra Wireless, one of the globally renowned GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions provider participates for the 4th consecutive time in this highly industry focused show –The International commercial vehicle fair (TICVF) 2017.


Trinetra’ s Route planning and optimization solutions enable fleet managers to analyse the ways to make use of their resources by providing the most economical routes. With report generation and data viewing option fleet managers can manage and handle a variety of scenarios.