Vehicle Tracking System- Platform as a service

PaaS typically serves as a platform on which software can be developed and deployed. As with most cloud services, PaaS is built on top of virtualization technology. Businesses adapt to PaaS as they need scaling & demand grows. Key advantage of adapting platform as a service (PaaS) reduces the cost and complexity of managing assets so that business can focus on improving business process rather than monitoring assets.

Below are the significant reasons for which a business adapts Paas:

  • Rapid development: Provides high-productivity and improves the speed of overall process.
  • Business agility: Quick response to market demands and continually adapts to changing technologies
  • Access from anywhere: Enables access to devices from anywhere anytime via cloud

There are lot more advantages that businesses can gain from Paas, Also the trending and on-demand business solution is vehicle tracking system assists in tracking and monitoring fleet vehicles in any location. If these two major technologies combine, it will bring more benefits for businesses. Considering vehicle tracking system that works with GPS serves as a medium for tracking, monitoring and locating vehicles.

Here listed are the key advantages that a business can get with vehicle tracking system:

  • Better customer service

Integrated tracking systems help customers to get real-time information about the location of their assets. Moreover, they receive alerts that emphasise safely and on time efficient planning. Overall this reflects in increased response time and improved customer satisfaction

  • Cost reduction

Minimized risks in loss of goods and furthermore, in a long term perspective fleet management systems improve road safety and reduce accident rates, which will further reduce the excess cost associated with fleet management

  • Reduced maintenance costs

Cutting costs associated with vehicle maintenance will be possible due to optimized usage of fleet vehicles and the system allow notifications based on calendar time, mileage or other chosen criteria.

Businesses that concerns about their fleet vehicles and to know the status of vehicles in real-time then vehicle tracking solutions will be the right choice. To get the advantages of vehicle tracking solutions and achieve more, become a partner with reputed fleet management company and move forward. Trinetra wireless will be the right solution provider to know more in detail about us visit or leave us an enquiry.

Fleet management barriers and ways to overcome


Fleet management in recent days has become a never to avoid necessity, as business owners started to realise the real potential of vehicle tracking system and its impact that creates for their business. Also as a part of fleet management vehicle details should be monitored and tracked for business betterment. Without barriers or obstacles nothing can be made possible, the real success lies in breaking the barriers. The same is applicable in fleet management scenario also, there are many barriers that arises in fleet management and reduces the flexibility in vehicle tracking. Matchless solution for vehicle tracking and fleet management is Automated GPS tracking systems. This feature rich solution not only supports in monitoring fleet vehicles but also supports fleet managers to keep in update of vehicle condition and maintenance details.

Here we have listed few barriers in fleet management and the solutions to overcome:

1.Barrier: For every travel, to reach the destination on estimated time smooth vehicle condition is significant. But we can’t predict the vehicle condition and we can’t keep in mind on the vehicle maintenance dates. If the vehicle condition is not good, then the whole travel will get spoiled. This will be one of the biggest barrier

Solution: To overcome the above barrier, automated fleet maintenance solution will be the right choice. This feature has the options to notify Vehicle maintenance dates, fuel usage, idling, driver behaviours etc.,

2.Barrier: Entry and exit of vehicles in unauthorized and unscheduled locations (Geozone) and un approved/un planned vehicle usage. Without fleet manager knowledge drivers can use the fleet vehicles for some other purpose, this greatly impacts and reduces efficiency and consume business costs.

Solution: To overcome the above barrier, GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solution will be the right choice. This solution provides facility to identify drivers with RFID and generate alerts on un authorized vehicle usage, entry & exit of vehicles in unplanned locations. Thus it helps to keep in track of vehicle details instantly

3.Barrier: For transportation of daily consumables like frozen foods, canned foods etc., exact temperature to be maintained within the vehicle and the whole responsibility lies with the delivery company to deliver the goods on time to the client.

Solution: To overcome temperature monitoring and arrival time estimation, Fleet tracking solution offers the best support for businesses in delivering their goods with the exact temperature. Also with ETA (Estimated time of arrival) feature business owners can predict the vehicle arrival time to the client place and thus helps in improving customer satisfaction.

Fleet management solutions has vast advantages than we know and provide business benefits with higher ROI. Are you a fleet management company? having any barriers in monitoring and managing your fleet? Visit to get you Fleet management solution and take your business to next level, for more details Leave us an enquiry.

IoT Trends 2018 – The Fleet Management and Smart City

2018- The year to improve modernized technologies, that brings greater efficiencies and improvements to businesses world-wide. IoT and Telematics plays an important role in fleet management and smart city management. IoT-The internet of things, created a tremendous impact in fleet management with machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions to make the smart city come alive. With IoT for fleet management we can not only keep in track of vehicles but also monitor high value assets in remote locations.

Here we have shared the advantages of IoT in fleet management and smart city:

Fleet management with IoT

Vehicle usage have increased to a great extent and the need for fleet management are expanding exponentially. Businesses that manage fleets have started using the intelligence of IoT to collect real-time information such as vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage and insights into driver behaviour. IoT a broad term helps to obtain extensive information and intelligence from systems including vehicle location and performance, driver behaviour and a wide range of other data points.

Key advantages:

  • Gain Better Visibility
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Greener Operations
  • Enhanced Safety and Security
Smart city management with IoT

Smart city is one with a coordinated, technology-assisted infrastructure greatly supports in minimizing carbon footprint. The explosive growth of Smart City with Internet of Things applications provides permanent solutions for many scientific and engineering challenges that call for ingenious research efforts. Smart City based on IoT helps in deriving New protocols, architectures, and services

Key advantages:

  • Optimize energy use
  • Creating safer cities
  • Efficient operation
  • Improved field service
  • Comprehensive Security

As discussed above its never been a challenge, but these are the futuristic solutions to be adapted in 2018 for the intellectual development of both fleet and smart city. Leverage the advantages of technology, to know more in detail visit  or leave us an enquiry

Fleet management revolutionized with IoT

Fleet management revolutionized with IoT

It’s always been observed that, inefficient fleet management system for businesses results in reduced business returns. Without advanced analytics, real-time data or integrated information, businesses may experience unexpected vehicle interruptions and more. In such scenarios IoT takes a major part and leads to efficient and optimized operations, also help businesses in providing innovative ways to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

IoT –The trending term in recent days is not just a single technology, the concept is so far-reaching. Significant aim of IoT is to keep everything connected. Fleet management improvisation with IoT is a perfect illustration of how IoT can create efficiencies and reduce overhead costs. IoT with fleet management helps in vehicle scheduling, driver vehicle tracking, and Route optimization and much more creating a noticeable impact in fleet management.

Below are the ways and Real-time examples showcasing how IoT has revolutionized Fleet management

  • Effective Operations
    IoT offers many new features in fleet management like camera management, smart vehicle tracking, driver mobile apps etc. making communication easier and prompt. This advantages streamlines the fleet management operations and focuses in providing improved business results.
  • Automated Processes
    IoT in fleet management provide businesses the ability to automate various processes. As devices are interconnected organizations can setup an automatic flow of their daily processes and trip planning. IoT in place helps to move daily operations into the cloud and makes it easier for remote tracking of fleets at any time from any place.
  • Better Insights
    IoT has the ability to derive collective data from multiple sensors. This enables fleet management companies to get useful insights into driver behaviour, adherence traffic guidelines, vehicle speeding and idling etc. These simply don’t just help in tracking vehicles but also takes an important role in improving performance and diagnostics of discrepancies.

IoT is no longer a future but a reality, if you want to discuss how you can leverage the IoT revolution in fleet management, feel free to get in touch with us and know your predicted growth in fleet management industry.

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Mobility Now a catalyst in Fleet management

Mobility Now a catalyst in Fleet management

Noticeably, in these days’ automation practices have influenced the conventional fleet management methodologies to generate the best output. Considering the optimized functional capability of an organization, fleet management classifies itself to vehicle tracking and vehicle management. At present, what makes it noteworthy is that the new technology that helps the fleet management personnel to configure and manage the whole process as per the operational need.

To be in a place to get noticed Mobile Technology means a lot and now it has become an inevitable part in every business. Mobility has drastically transformed the system of managing various fleet operations. Smartphones nowadays come with an in-built GPS which greatly help businesses to track their fleet vehicles.  This means that when a company provide mobile phones to its drivers, it not only helps in communicating, but also provides an opportunity to use vehicle tracking system to get integrated with mobile using GPS.

According to a recent study,

It’s been noticed that 44% of business owners said they or their drivers used smartphones or tablets to manage company vehicles. In addition, the latest Corporate Vehicles Observatory (CVO) Barometer research shows that 50% respondents at companies with 100 or more employees find mobile apps a useful fleet management tool.

Below are the key advantages of using Mobile in fleet management:
  • Accurate dispatch and scheduling
  • Better vehicle tracking and locating
  • Instant monitoring of network drive times and distance
  • Paperless transactions
  • Intelligent geographic routing & maps
  • Automated timesheets, invoice & reporting
  • Functionality to manage fleet cost
  • Reduce environmental impact

The implementation of mobility in fleet management has brought many advantages to enterprises, apps enable exchange of information in real-time to take quick decisions on day-to-day fleet management and monitoring activities. This essentially helps organizations to boost their productivity and reduce overhead cost in transportation.

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IoT Technology for Developing Smart City

IoT Technology for Developing Smart City

IoT is an emerging technology that creates a massive network of things communicating with one another. It encompasses a broad set of technologies, hardware and software stacks. Data, humans, devices and communication are the crucial elements that forms an IoT ecosystem. For a developing country with quite limited technology penetration an efficient architecture of IoT needs to be implemented based on the present advanced technology.

Smart city is an important concept for the development of any nation. It is for every government to offer different services to its citizens and IoT helps significantly to achieve this purpose. With IoT solutions for smart city development it is possible to communicate transparently and seamlessly with large number of homogeneous and heterogeneous systems, while having selected access to data for designing numerous digital services.

Below are the key advantages of smart city development
  • Improves city infrastructure and transforms existing infrastructure more scalable
  • Helps in creating more efficient and cost effective city services
  • Enhanced public transportation, reduced traffic congestion and improves quality of life
  • Safer for people engaged in a community
  • Enables sustainable economic growth

Overall this IoT platform for smart city development helps to function as a key mechanism that integrates smart technologies and enables the rapid delivery of new applications that helps to create a connected Smart City ecosystem.

To know more in detail about smart city development and the role of Fleet management system in developing smart cities stay tuned to our recent updates, for details visit  or leave us an enquiry.

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How a Fleet Management Scorecard Can Benefit Business?

How a Fleet Management Scorecard Can Benefit Business

Today fleet owners/managers are facing enormous challenges in managing driver behaviours, controlling transport and fuel costs, vehicle maintenance costs etc., Diverse solutions take active part in monitoring fleets, but comprehensive fleet management solutions will be effective in ways of managing fleets, risk and variable costs.

More than just monitoring the locations and distances travelled smart Fleet Management system help fleet owners to get the effective insight information about their fleet asset base that facilitates to make informed decisions on how to best optimise fleet efficiency and productivity. The information generated can be delivered in real time, allowing to make timely, effective decisions.

Such information that are generated timely gives the clear status of vehicle in every aspect that are stated as score cards, these can be generated for multiple parameters like driver behaviour monitoring, fleet performance monitoring etc., how score cards can benefit businesses with multiple fleet vehicles? Below are the advantages that any business can gain with score cards.

Driver Scorecards:
  • Shows the impact of driver behaviour on fuel economy
  • Helps to maintain driver interest and attention with ongoing monitoring
  • Reinforce driving behaviours to implement significant and lasting change
  • Determine improvements in safe driving behaviour
  • Detailed back-up information on the behaviours drivers exhibited
Fleet Scorecard:
  • Easy to understand graphs and illustrations make it easy to track progress
  • Detailed analysis provides insight into each activity
  • Develop baseline measurements of driving habits through a driver scorecard
  • Weekly / Monthly reports helps in knowing the exact fleet vehicle status
  • Personalized reporting on every fleet vehicle

These user-friendly scorecards automatically generate reports based on user defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so it’s easier for businesses to make the best decisions on fleet performance fleet safety, compliance and the overall fleet efficiency.

To know the trending fleet tracking methods and business advantages with latest updates turn on to Trinetra blogs, we keep you updated on every tech trend, for more details visit or Leave us an enquiry

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Ways How Fleet management impacts sales?

Ways How Fleet management impacts sales

Every organization today endeavour to achieve a drastic progression in their sales force productivity, by adapting new methodologies and trends. Many sales organizations, now have opted GPS tracking and fleet management solutions to improve customer service and reduce costs. As all updated technology has long been used in GPS tracking solutions, companies with outside sales teams are now embracing GPS tracking features as they are significant to their business.

GPS tracking Implementation in fleet vehicles undoubtedly will boost business operations and sales. Below given are some ways states that how GPS tracking help to boost sales….

How GPS tracking help to Boost Sales

Successful optimization of a sales force will consistently improve performance and supports to boast the working practices of each sales team member, GPS tracking solution can also be useful to:

  • Follow best practices: Information received from a GPS tracking system’s analytics and reporting features will be utilized to notify the top producer’s activity, which then can be considered as benchmarks for the entire team. This will be a motivational factor to the sales team to showcase their capabilities and to produce higher results in sales.
  • Reduce overtime: Field work will be the nature of many sales businesses. However, many companies will not be able to track their employees working time, but this GPS tracking system in their vehicles tracks and notifies the exact location of the field executive, which will be useful to get a better idea of who is cut out for outside sales and who is not.
  • Proper delivery reports: A detailed on-site report shows how much time a sales person spends with each customer; this will be used to analyse sales force efficiency. The produced summary report displays details about how many times each customer has been visited during the selected time period.

Apart from all these GPS tracking system offers numerous advantages and it will be the right fit solution to meet all the needs in sales and it helps to boost sales.

To learn more about GPS Tracking and Fleet Management solutions and its ability to drive sales productivity, see it live! Get a Demo Here or Contact us now……

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Does route planning and schedule optimization help in improving fleet productivity?

Does route planning and schedule optimization help in improving fleet productivity

Operating an efficient fleet for on time customer service will always starts with appropriate planning for pickups, deliveries and/or service calls. GPS vehicle tracking solutions for Route Planning and optimization helps fleet managers to maximize fleet and resource utilization and efficiency.

Every fleet manager will be familiar with the complexities of assigning, planning daily tasks and scheduling routes to their fleet drivers.  Fleet managers can ensure drivers are efficient and productive like never before with proper route planning and task allocation.

Schedule optimization and Route planning for fleet vehicles will lead to improve service, increase productivity, decrease costs and reduce the environmental impact of your fleet. Listed below are some ways that.,

How Optimized schedules and planned routes improve fleet productivity
  • Delivery Planning: Optimize and prepare exact delivery plan for right time delivery to customer place, will maximize customer service and profit.
  • Route Planning: To accelerate fleet ability is to create optimal reliable routes which will be cost effective and beneficial for perfect fleet management.
  • Schedule preparation: Real-time appointment scheduling for pick-up, delivery, or service commitments will help to keep fleet operations productive
Benefits of route and schedule optimization
  • Real-time product delivery tracking
  • Efficient delivery routing, employee scheduling and overtime identification
  • Maximize fleet production with increased deliveries per day
  • Reduce vehicle usage, speeding, and idling for a eco-friendlier and profitable business

Be sharp, up to the point and gain maximum value from your fleets, Reach the right service provider and be benefited. We @ Trinetra afford you the best solution for your GPS tracking needs, to know more leave us an enquiry

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Fleet Management System simplifies Driver Management

Fleet Management System simplifies Driver Management

A recent fleet management survey reveals, approximately 6% of all fleet vehicles are involved in a collision each year. Many of these collisions could be prevented by monitoring & improving driver performance. Better understanding of how drivers are utilizing the vehicles on a day-to-day basis is a key factor in fleet decision making process. Driver Management System smartly monitors driver behaviour and allows fleet owners to have control over them.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System with Driver Management feature will make driver’s time behind the wheels much safer and secure. Here are the ways how.

  • Provides accurate speed information about each vehicle tracked, when drivers exceed a set of speed limit 70 MPH. Then, each time your vehicle is tracked going 71 MPH or faster, you will receive an alert through text message and / or e-mail
  • In case if your vehicle is stolen, GPS vehicle tracking system helps to get it back fast and know where your vehicle is currently now.
  • Whether your driver is 2 hours late and they aren’t answering their phone, you can easily track the driver behaviour / activities and act upon accordingly
  • If the driver is unfamiliar with the route to the destination, GPS vehicle tracking system helps him to find the right way to reach the destination. Digital Mapping feature with Google Maps support help drivers to quickly locate their way in case they’re lost
  • Effective Driver Fatigue & Accident Management allows you to reduce the risk of work related injuries and helps to save driver’s life
  • Performance-driven incentive schemes encourage drivers to be productive and increase performance. Demerit points will be assigned automatically for driver violations
  • Drivers with expired license can be easily identified and replaced for better driving dynamics
  • Using Driver Identification Readers and Driver Identification smart keys, you can quickly identify which driver is operating the vehicle, distance travelled or hours driven by a particular driver, adherence of trips and much more

Trinetra offers effective driver management system for your business challenges to maximize driver’s performance, manage incentives based on driver ratings and improve driver behaviour. Trinetra’s GPS Vehicle Tracking & Driver Management Software provides Specialized Solutions to monitor the driver behaviour, identify driver inefficiencies, enhanced vehicle security & driver safety.

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