How schools benefit with GPS Tracking? Why school bus need to be tracked?

Why school bus need to be tracked Every parent today, believe school bus transportation is safer, they trust both school management and drivers and what hasn’t changed, though, is the

School Bus Tracking App to Never Miss Your School Bus

Schools are the place where they educate and moulds the young people of this generation as a meaningful citizen and a responsible human in global society. Education is developmental and

Importance of Student Management Mobile Apps

The use of mobile technology has now become an excellent way to make the relationship between parents and schools. Mobile apps engage schools and parents on a much more immediate

Increase School Bus Safety and optimize routes with GPS tracking system

“A recent survey states that about 41% children die every year in transportation accidents” Have you ever thought why all these were happening, even though we have all upgraded systems

Why should schools track their buses?

In today’s scenario, mishap causing to children has become a vital issue for both the parents and school management. To get rid of this problem schools admitted to endow RFID

Why School Bus GPS Tracking System is essential for Educational Institutes?

With the increasing population and traffic in cities, educational institutions & administrations are under the pressure to provide a safe, reliable journey for school children in the school buses or

GPS Tracking For School Bus. How Does It benefit?

Child Safety Assurance is a top priority for schools. With the rising of unpredicted hazards and progressively more time consuming life styles it is becoming hectic to keep up a