Preserve Food and beverages with GPS tracking system

Effective utilization of time and resource has now become crucial for many organizations, mainly for mobile delivery sectors like transportation and logistics; food and beverage etc, In case of Transportation

Temperature sensors in GPS vehicle tracking system

Every delivery service requires a great planning, organizing and correct execution, beyond this delivering the products in exact condition in significant. Temperature monitoring has now become an integral part in

Remotely Operate Your Refrigerated Vans and Trucks

Refrigerated vans and trucks carry expensive and fresh cargo. To secure the frozen food (Cold) storage trucks and its goods, fleet owners must be aware of real-time location of each

Keep Cool Always with GPS Cold Storage Monitoring

Refrigeration (cold storage) is a common food preservation practice for thermally sensitive products. Most scientific and government organizations recommend that a temperature of 40°F or lower should be maintained in the refrigerated vehicle during distribution of foods to ensure quality. Improper controls cause an estimated loss of 1.2% to 1.5% of foods at the grocer level, amounting to a loss of close to $2 billion. Customers such as those in the cold storage industry have a cold chain they need to protect. So, how can you understand each vehicle’s location and its compliance with temperature control objectives?