Why Food and Beverages Vehicle need to be Tracked

Fleet and asset tracking is becoming more common today, in every business both executives and fleet managers look for ways to ensure the efficient and effective use of their fleets,

Get rid of your Vehicle worries with Fleet Management System

Now-a-days people started using GPS Vehicle Tracking Device to track their vehicles and other high value assets. Tracking vehicles through GPS device gives gamut of benefits for the business owners

Vehicle Tracking mechanism for Corporate Vehicles

In the past few years many Multinational organizations across the world started using fleet of vehicles for employee transfer. Merits are many in incorporating an efficient transportation system for tracking

Do Conglomerate industry really need GPS tracking?

Diversification is a growth strategy that some corporations prefer to involve themselves into new industries and to expand their operations. Conglomerate is one of its kind of diversified industry, it

Easy Garment shipment with GPS Tracking System

According to a recent study, it’s been observed that apparel and accessory industry ranks among the top five targeted industries for cargo theft.  High value clothing, accessories and high end

Reasons to prefer GPS Tracking System for Driver Management

GPS Tracking system today is finding its great utility in everyday life since it offers great way to track and afford secured transportation. This tracking system will enable businesses to

GPS Tracking Solutions for Aviation Industry

In today’s complex supply chain system security issues, delayed transportation and spoiled or lost cargo interrupts the distribution process. In air transportation, this scenario becomes even more critical as the

Why GPS Enabled Tracking System for sand mining?

The mining sector is becoming challenging today due to lacking of transparency in operation, transportation, Illegal transport and the ecological constraints. The potential of sand mining with its capital and

Efficient Fuel Management with GPS Tracking system

We are now in the age where energy became an absolute necessity to maintain day-to-day activities beyond the basics of providing comfort and convenience. Fuel is possibly the priciest expenditures

Track your High Value Assets with Vehicle Tracking System

Are you a business owner? have you ever come across a scenario that goes something like this? Your company is transporting a delicate, rare or expensive product / equipment from