Trinetra Hardware Features



Key Features

  • Position and sensor information in real-time

  • Speed, Idling, acceleration and braking events

  • Support for custom Geozones and Landmarks

  • Odometer Calculation

  • Engine Hours Calculation

  • Main Battery Voltage Sensing of the Vehicle


Communication Methodologies


  • Two-way communication via GSM network

  • Over-the-air Programming – Remote update of system firmware


Device Attributes


  • Device is GPS equipped with accuracy of ±10 m

  • Non volatile data storage of 2 Megabytes

  • Sleep mode with current draw of less than 1.5 mA


Reliable Protection


  • Tamper Detection

  • Transient protection on inputs

  • GPS Antenna Cut and Short Detection

  • Power supply surge and reverse polarity protection


Scalable design that has support for future requirements and upgrades:


  • A total of 10 inputs – 8 digital + 2 analog

  • A total of 8 outputs

  • Optional Panic button functionality

  • Optional internal backup battery provision

  • Optional Keyfob / remote module for enhanced security

  • Optional Satellite communication feasibility


Download Product Technical Specifications Document