OEM Partner Program

Trinetra help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) connect and communicate with consumers and vehicles where it matters most – on the road. When your vehicles are integrated with our platform, you can sell with confidence anywhere in the world. Being an industry leader in offering fleet management solutions, we know more about how to make your fleet smarter, greener and intelligent too.


Trinetra’s award-winning global platform is being built to address the changing needs of vehicle manufactures across the globe. With Trinetra OEM system you can make every vehicle that rolls off your line not just smarter and more competitive, but future-proofed. We’re becoming the eyes of the world, and we’re ready to partner with you. Install our Trinetra OEM System to build smarter and intelligent vehicles.

Solution Offerings

  • Accelerate time-to-market strategy for GPS Vehicle Tracking.

  • Provide baseline data to internal engineering teams.

  • Designed for OEM to increase back end profit.

  • Real time tracking of vehicles.

  • Faster response times on service calls.

  • Offer your dealer network a capable telematics solution with up-selling opportunity.

  • Easy installation requiring no additional software.

  • Efficient fleet maintenance schedules for extended vehicle life.

  • Intelligent reports on driving behaviour, fleet utilization & much more.

  • Extensive services & dedicated support.

Key Benefits

  • Improved compatibility.

  • Better overall integration.

  • Effective monitoring of vehicle usage.

  • Better customer service.

  • Enhanced vehicle& driver safety.

  • Reduced fuel costs.

  • Increased operational performance.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint.


Partnering with Trinetra makes your company to achieve a legacy of excellence. Through our OEM Fleet Partner Program initiative, customers can take advantage of performance characterizations, custom integration and fleet management services. As a preferred OEM Fleet Partner, Trinetra helps you to maximize the sales results for each of your vehicles. We value the relationships, and are committed to the success of our OEM partners, providing them with extensive services and the dedicated support necessary for them to efficiently achieve their development goals. We also pride ourselves in meeting the needs of their customers, to ensure our partner’s solutions are as successful as possible.


If you are interested to join Trinetra OEM Partner Program or to use Trinetra for your Fleet Management Solutions / Transportation Vertical Practice, then please fill us the please fill the Partner with Us form and start to realize the benefits of being a part of the fleet management software partner network today!