GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Security solution for a leading Automobile dealer


The client is a leading automobile dealer with distributors in almost every part of the country.


Business Requirement

To have a competitive edge over the competitors, the client would like to provide add-on options to the vehicles.


Trinetra Solution

We @ Trinetra by understanding the client’s requirements provided them with Trinetra GPS vehicle tracking device as an add-on to the vehicles. The client has ensured security for the vehicles with Trinetra and started promoting the vehicles along with the security add-on hardware. Key features of our solution implementation have been listed below:

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  • Security for the vehicle has been obtained with minimal additional cost
  • Easy vehicle spotting in the map to identify the parked location
  • Safety for valuables in the car (door alarm)
  • Cost saving in the way of avoiding unnecessary violations
  • Fleet Maintenance reminders based on distance traveled




    • Enhanced vehicle security
    • Efficient planning
    • Useful in making important decisions
    • End to End solution
    • Reputation in the business
    • Improved Customer Service
    • Maximized productivity
    • Reduced Operational Costs
    • Increase in sales