Cost Effective Solution for Fleet Management

Fleet management is crucial for any organizations that use fleet of vehicles for their business operation. One of their greatest challenges every Fleet manager face is mitigating the variable cost

Track Your Cash Vehicles Using GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Each and every industry is having a range of high-value assets like Pharmaceutical, Money, Jewels, FMCG, Cargo, Generators etc., that needs to be tracked for their safety and security. Among those, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are one of the most important high-value assets for the banks which involves multiple distributed cash deposit centres or self-service kiosks to deliver the cash for the customers.

Why Do Educational Institutions Need GPS Vehicle Tracking System?

Nowadays both School Administration and Parents are concerned about the safety and security of the school children especially with respect to their journey in the school buses or vans. School authorities found a flawless answer through GPS vehicle tracking.

Remote Asset Management Made Easy

Life needn’t be so hard these days there are ways to access remote assets and find potential information in ways which weren’t possible few days ago. Nowadays technology eliminates the labour involved in administration of remote assets and provides access to the data remotely from your workplace. Remote Asset Tracking technology enables you to manage your assets scattered across large geographic areas and facilitate you to get accurate and efficient data. Through innovative GPS Vehicle Tracking System, you can monitor the working nature of your mobile workforce and automatically generate reports for better analysis.

Track Your Oil Tankers to Increase Productivity

In today’s fast-pace and ever-changing market demands it is not that easy to keep track of your vehicle / fleet’s movement and driver’s behaviour. Oil and gas industry is facing various challenges everyday and oil spills often result in both immediate and long-term environmental damages. Even a small amount of oil wastage can have a huge impact on the surrounding environment. In recent days, production of oil and gas tankers has risen by 5.8% and as a result it becomes difficult to track the overall performance of oil tankers. Fuel tankers can be tracked / monitored using real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions in order to protect your precious oil convoys.

Relax Now, Your Drivers are Safe with GPS Driver Management System

A recent fleet management survey reveals globally, approximately 6% of all fleet vehicles are involved in a collision each year. Many of these collisions could be prevented by monitoring & improving driver performance. Therefore it’s time to revolutionize methods for identifying and managing ‘at risk’ drivers. Your business is liable for monetary damages if your drivers get in an accident, drive drunk or commit a crime in a company-provided vehicle. In the recent years, we have witnessed a revolution in the nature & extent of ‘in-cab’ technology available to the drivers of personal & commercial motor vehicles.

How to Safeguard Your Vehicles from Being Stolen?

Are you worried about your vehicles safety? Relax now! Even if you are away from your vehicle, you can still be secured with the presence of GPS Vehicle Tracking System. The rise in vehicle theft has not gone unnoticed which leaves us a small question asking how to safeguard your vehicles? Real Time Vehicle Tracking System and Fleet Management Software is one of the latest encroachments of technology. It is turning out to be boon for vehicle owners on roads and especially when they are uncertain about a particular terrain. Vehicle Tracking System gives us accurate information regarding the land marks, routes, speed limits and distance covered which will let the vehicle owner to get anywhere safely.

Track Your Vehicles Efficiently & Effortlessly

Living in a technological world, operating a business efficiently and profitably is the main concern for all the entrepreneurs. Well, times have changed and today vehicle / fleet owners no need to manually track or search for details from piles of paper. Technology has enabled businesses to track vehicles, people and much more. GPS Vehicle Tracking System is talked to play a crucial part in almost all business endeavours.