Letting executives know about their fellow employees share the excitement and enthusiasm from their tenure.

Completing a year indeed we call for an anniversary celebration, as it is a chance to show appreciation to the people who are involved in the success and to celebrate the milestone. Objective of this meeting is to show the individuals how valued they are. Our company Management usually does this to thank employees for their hard work, spend some time to show them that their contributions to the organisations are appreciated.

Anniversary programs

  • Boost employee Morale
  • Announce future growth plans or new initiatives
  • Reward your greatest supporters
  • Showcase individual achievements

The journey can certainly be challenging at different points too…Here our executives will be given with an opportunity to share their personal initiative, effort and persistence that directed them towards organizational goals.


Customer Feedback

Since from 1 year we are using Trinetra vehicle tracking system and we are appreciating for good service and also we got good benefit for using this system example avoid vehicle fuel consumptions, tracking vehicles easily by customers, time saving .

We have been using your tracking devices and the supporting system since few years, and the performance has been good. Have no qualms in recommending Trinetra wireless as a unit committed to understanding customers as well as to providing quality .

We are happy to inform that GPS, purchased from Trinetra solved our dilemma in tracking the vehicles of our college with precision positioning tracking it online. Definitely, we will recommend Trinetra products for the Vehicle on real time. .

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