Exceptional achievements are within our reach when we stand tall on a foundation of personal integrity, hard work and unwavering determination.

We recognize employee every Quarter with Star and Pearl awards. It lets our employees know that their hard work is valued. The system we follow always motivates our executives to reach higher standards of performance besides shows them that they deserved.

The key elements we notice in our executives are

  • Performing extra duties beyond those normally assigned.
  • Performing other roles when the department is short staffed.
  • Volunteering for and working on special projects.
  • Employees who perform normally assigned responsibilities at an exceptional level
  • Developing new work methods that reduce waste or stretch resources
  • Making creative suggestions that save the department time/money.

All these are the outcomes of hard work and dedication of our executive’s that gets improved day by day, year to year, exemplifies and justifies to organisation Success.

Coimbatore Vizha 2016

A citywide initiative by Confederation of Indian Industries & Young Indians (CII – Yi). YI an integral part of CII extended a memento recognizing ANGLER ‘s & Trinetra’s Partnership. ANGLER was the Mobile App Partner & Trinetra was the Technology Partner for the event.

Contribution by our Mobile team on the ShowTime App for the Event.

Contribution by our Web Design & SEO team on the design aspects of the website


Customer Feedback

Since from 1 year we are using Trinetra vehicle tracking system and we are appreciating for good service and also we got good benefit for using this system example avoid vehicle fuel consumptions, tracking vehicles easily by customers, time saving .

We have been using your tracking devices and the supporting system since few years, and the performance has been good. Have no qualms in recommending Trinetra wireless as a unit committed to understanding customers as well as to providing quality .

We are happy to inform that GPS, purchased from Trinetra solved our dilemma in tracking the vehicles of our college with precision positioning tracking it online. Definitely, we will recommend Trinetra products for the Vehicle on real time. .

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