Celebrating seasonal occasions and festivals gives opportunities to share a convivial time with work colleagues

At Trinetra we have festive plans, contests to ensure that entire company celebrates big festivals together. Celebrations in workplace will always be an enjoyable break from the regular routine for an additional morale booster.

The celebration goes without saying that festivals are a magnificent time to build friendliness and encourage employee bonding, in particular between various teams and departments. Such celebration activities will always have been great, because such events help overcome the hierarchies.

With a well-thought out festive agenda, we have celebrated many and yet more to come…this serves the purpose from promoting intra-organizational bonding to motivating employees and having fun celebrations.

New Year Celebration 2016

New year celebration in ANGLER with theme based dress codes. A great start for the year ahead!!

“Theme based Dress Code” organised on 31st Dec’15

Full Team Involvement / Creative Idea

Theme Title (Letter’s chosen from each Exec. Name)

Logistics ERP – First product solution from ANGLER

Few more picture that brings the day to our minds now…

New year 2016 in ANGLER – Office Environment View….

Chocolate’s Distribution…..

Rangoli Contest 2017 – Celebrations for Pongal

Enthusiastic ANGLER’ians showing their flair and creativity in Rangoli competition. Teams participated & their efforts…

Our Teams Great efforts to make the day a memorable one!!

Our Teams Great efforts to make the day a memorable one!!

Our Teams Great efforts to make the day a memorable one!!


Customer Feedback

Since from 1 year we are using Trinetra vehicle tracking system and we are appreciating for good service and also we got good benefit for using this system example avoid vehicle fuel consumptions, tracking vehicles easily by customers, time saving .

We have been using your tracking devices and the supporting system since few years, and the performance has been good. Have no qualms in recommending Trinetra wireless as a unit committed to understanding customers as well as to providing quality .

We are happy to inform that GPS, purchased from Trinetra solved our dilemma in tracking the vehicles of our college with precision positioning tracking it online. Definitely, we will recommend Trinetra products for the Vehicle on real time. .

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