An organization’s ability to make employee learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

We believe Employee training is essential to both a company’s growth and an individual’s success. Before designing any learning and development program, we assess employee skill gaps & identify the needs that can help them in their career growth. We in ANGLER Provide such opportunities from time to time for our employees to get updated and add value to the workplace.

We have vertical wise comprehensive training to train employees in-house, with the use of external trainers or an e-learning repository of lessons. We frequently organize technical sessions, give customer focused trainings, Prepare Learning charts and much more to bring values to work culture, from.

Our employees have embarked on the journey of talent segmentation to identify high potentials, recognize them and provide them with a development plan to grow their career with the organization.

Our Certified Internal Auditor’s Batch on this FY 2015-16

Enhancing quality management system by imparting Internal Auditor Training.


Customer Feedback

Since from 1 year we are using Trinetra vehicle tracking system and we are appreciating for good service and also we got good benefit for using this system example avoid vehicle fuel consumptions, tracking vehicles easily by customers, time saving .

We have been using your tracking devices and the supporting system since few years, and the performance has been good. Have no qualms in recommending Trinetra wireless as a unit committed to understanding customers as well as to providing quality .

We are happy to inform that GPS, purchased from Trinetra solved our dilemma in tracking the vehicles of our college with precision positioning tracking it online. Definitely, we will recommend Trinetra products for the Vehicle on real time. .

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