GPS vehicle monitoring solution offered to an IT Corporate for safe employee transportation

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Solution : GPS Vehicle Tracking

Feb 08, 2019


A people transportation service provider to the IT industry located in Bangalore was facing the problem of managing their fleet of 100+ leased vehicles, being used for carrying their client’s employees, belonging to an IT organisation, who work on different shifts schedules, all through the year. The company faced the issue of monitoring the scheduled trips to avoid unnecessary trips and to plan the routes to economise on operating costs, so they need an efficient vehicle route management solution.

Business Requirement

The transport organisation needed a GPS tracking enabled solution to monitor and plan trips efficiently. The task involved allocating fleets of vehicles or cabs on optimised routes, to pick up employees from one point and drop them at other assigned locations, according to their shift schedule, that was periodically changed.

The Solution Implementation

The transport service provider approached Trinetra Wireless for a fleet management software with mobile support solution to streamline operations & improve people safety with predefined route planners for the vehicles. The right product was provided to the client which is our GPS Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management software. The fleet management system has many features like Vehicle Tracking, Route Management, Geozone & Digital Mapping, Fleet Maintenance, Alerts & Notifications.  It also various others features than real-time location tracking, that includes driver behaviour monitoring, in-cabin alerts, plus Geo fencing that aids to proper vehicle utilisation, improve fuel efficiency etc.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Instant alerts/notifications on violation/deviations from safety rules
  • Alerts when speed level exceeds the safety limit
  • Increase visibility between all stakeholders
  • Improved driver management with in-cabin monitoring device.
  • Comprehensive real-time asset monitoring
  • Improved employee satisfaction and safety
  • Improved trip allocation to the vehicles

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