Banking Sector

Banking Sector

Vehicle Monitoring Solution for Banking Sector


The client is a reputed transportation service provider for banking sectors, their vehicles were mainly used to transfer the cash from one location to another and they have huge client base.

Business Requirement

The client is in a position to convince and explain banking clients what are all the safety measures that their vehicle has, and assists in any unforeseen situation. Being a domain expertise in providing safety vehicles, the client approached Trinetra for value additions on GPS tracking and other electronics safety automation.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra helped the client to monitor vehicles used by the banks to deposit cash in ATM’s, each ATM location will be marked as a Geozone and time to be spent by the vehicles inside that Geozone can also be defined, vehicles route can be pre-defined to the drivers. So the client can monitor vehicle movement along with the route set with the details of when the vehicle would reach the next stop and its current status, vehicle’s delay timing will also be notified to the client as an alert and the overall details of the vehicle movement can also be exported as a report and sent to the respective stakeholders. Also Trinetra provided them with panic button, feature route playback etc.,


  • Protection and management of fleet in real time, anytime, anywhere
  • Reduction in fleet operating cost
  • Improved productivity and revenue
  • Hassle-free fleet management
  • Advanced safety and convenience
  • Quick action made possible in case of breakdowns & accidents

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