Driver Management

Driver Management


A leading non-profit organization with pan India operations runs a hospital for providing medical services to patients and has a fleet of vehicles for extending medical services to patients in remote locations.

Business Requirement

Planning and monitoring the driver’s tasks becomes extremely critical to run their operations and the organization was looking for a full fledged driver management solution

Trinetra Solution

With the help of Trinetra’s Driver Management module the hospital is able to manage the schedule for drivers and assign tasks to them. The hospital can also monitor the various trips scheduled to drivers and the real time trips taken by vehicles. The integration of real time driver identification reader and keys with Trinetra has facilitated the hospital to identify the driver operating any vehicle, driver-wise trip details and plan for trips accordingly. Trinetra helps in deciding the incentives eligible for a driver based on the driving behaviour. Trinetra’s GPS Vehicle Tracking & Driver Management has provided the organization with a full-fledged solution to monitor the driver behaviour, trips taken by them, rank the drivers performance, encourage better driving by introducing an incentive based scheme and generate relevant reports.


  • Effective Trip Planning
  • Driver Behaviour Based Incentive Schemes
  • Improved response time to the demands of patients
  • Enhanced vehicle security &driver safety
  • Effective Fleet Management
  • Decreased Overtime

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