Mobile Data Terminal

Fleets are now increasingly benefited by IoT applications


The client is a leading logistic service provider dealing with corporate, multinational automobile industry and stands in the forefront by providing competitive, reliable and efficient logistics services to their customers across boundaries. The organization has been in existence over decades.

Business Requirement

In today’s challenging and highly competitive industry, logistic service fleet operators need solutions that will give them a competitive edge. The client is having a warehouse to store their goods and they have their own vehicles to deliver goods from the warehouse to the various dealer locations. The communication between the driver and the fleet manager or central dispatch office plays a vital role for planning the dispatches as the client wants to also incorporate changes in schedules on the fly. In most of the countries the usage of mobile phones are strictly prohibited while driving vehicles and so an alternative solution to establish communication between the driver and the fleet manager on demand was the need of the hour.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra is helping transportation and logistics service providers by using industry leading web, mobile technologies and cutting-edge hardware design to bring in the highest quality of GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions. Trinetra provided a GPS Real Time Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management solution equipped with reliable and durable Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) to establish a 2-way text communication between the driver and the fleet manager. The Mobile Data Terminal consists of a screen and using keypad the driver can enter the necessary information to communicate with the fleet manager.

With the help of Mobile Data Terminal integration, the drivers can accommodate changes in schedules on the fly by receiving communication from the fleet manager and drivers can also acknowledge and respond to the new schedules. When the driver safely delivered the goods to the particular dealer location on time, he can send a message through the MDT that the goods has been delivered and so the fleet manager can easily plan for the next delivery of goods to the subsequent dealer locations. Specific reports based on logistic trips undertaken with detailed insights will be available which will help the organization to monitor the on time delivery of consignments and vehicle utilization methods. Also, in case of any emergency the driver can easily communicate with the fleet manager through the MDT.

Besides GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions to track the movement of their vehicles and goods, 2 way text communication satisfies the need to communicate with drivers in a safe manner and at the same time for the driver to update the statuses back to the fleet manager.


  • Real time tracking of the vehicles
  • Efficient & Cost-effective two way communication
  • Real time information between the driver and the central dispatch office
  • Effective time management in terms of emergency
  • Increased safety and on time delivery of goods
  • Improved efficiency for fleet managers and route planners
  • Improved customer service
  • Maximized productivity

Camera Management



The client is a leading logistic service provider having a huge presence and offering delivery services to various locations in and around UAE. Their key need is to protect their customer’s goods from theft during transportation.

Business Requirement

The client required a tracking solution with camera management facility for their fleet of delivery vehicles, to avoid customer goods theft and to protect their assets against robbery. They believed having this solution at place will increase their client trust on them and will also increase their business scope. They preferred this to be done and get certified as the best safety logistics service provider in Dubai.

Trinetra Solution

For logistics sector GPS Tracking would be the must have factor to track every delivery vehicle in the company. In concern with clients note we provided Trinetra GPS vehicle tracking solution with camera management feature to track and monitor the real time whereabouts of their delivery vehicle as well protect their customer’s goods from theft during transportation.

This feature enabled the client to receive detailed information on manual gate opening frequency,and tail gate accessing information’s like at what time, at which location and who opened the tail gate of their delivery vehicles. All these data will be sent to server and as scheduled it will automatically be sent to the respective email id’s in the frequency of Daily / Weekly and Monthly basis.

Camera feature provided will capture snapshot of all activities and based on demand will report on the necessary data along with images taken at the vehicle’s tail gate. Further, this feature will help identify unauthorized vehicle usage which in turn will boost the company’s asset safety.


  • Reputation in business
  • Assets protection
  • Increased safety measure
  • Faster ROI from your vehicles
  • Maximized productivity
  • Decreased overtime
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Repeat business by increased client satisfaction

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