Packers and Movers


A well-established packers and movers having a transport system involving a fleet of vehicles and drivers in operation, wanted to streamline their despatching and route planning process for improving efficiency and productivity of the company operations in shifting and relocation of movable assets and property.

The Problem Outline

The client being packers & movers approached us for a solution as their company needed to streamline the operations to save costs and capitalise on efficiencies. They needed to not only provide on-time customer service but also utilise a fleet of vehicles to maximise efficiency. Another pain point was to simultaneously locate the vehicles in the fleet and track each one while in operation. They also need to impart safety training for drivers to ensure the safety of men and material.

The Solution Summary

Our team evaluated the requirements of the transporter and the pain points in consideration. Trinetra’s solution had to ensure better visibility to the and customer on vehicle movement until it reaches the customer’s place on time. They also wanted to monitor driver behaviour during the journey. The solution has to ensure that the fleet managers have complete control over transporting trucks to avoid unwanted vehicle stoppages are unauthorised zones. The FMS software that Trinetra provided is now tweaked and implemented. It featured instant alerts visibility of vehicle 24×7 to keep track of both driver and vehicle.

The software solution helps the fleet managers in limiting cost and time factors to improve productivity. Monitoring is enhanced by instant alerts and better visibility of the vehicle 24×7. It helps to monitor drivers, route plan and reroute any vehicle whenever necessary or in case of exigencies. This FMS also keeps the driver engaged resulting in less violations on multiple aspects of the operations for the business. Savings in terms of money as well as resource and time is realised. It helps to control fuel costs in all possible ways during operations with data feedback from dispatch to delivery.

Access on a web-based FMS platform

Trinetra’s flexible, customisable software platform offers –

  • 24/7 monitoring from dispatch to delivery & intrinsic benefits
  • One single flexible platform for monitoring vehicle usage & violations
  • The FMS platform provided insights for informed decision making
  • Instant alerts generated on violation by drivers, for reducing the maintenance and fuel costs
  • Integration to a customised mobile app for efficiency and productivity of drivers & vehicles

Outcome / Result

  • Managers make instant journey planning to ensure delivery on time
  • Customer business rules is easily inducted and monitored
  • Ever evolving hardware and software gets updated
  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting
  • Improved driver behaviour and utilization of assets
  • A data-driven approach enables timely decision making
  • Better fleet vehicle efficiency, productivity and ROI


  • Implemented in15+ countries with 13000 active devices on count
  • Reduces wastage by nearly 40%
  • 22% improvement in good driving behaviour
  • Decrease manual intervention and save up to 2.5 hours a day
  • Almost doubles the deliveries per day

If every manager realises the cost benefits of implementing this solution, it creates awareness of the importance of this application for their business and helps them to make a quick decision for implementing the FMS. Why not request for a Demo and our team will respond as soon as they can.

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Client testimonials

“Implementing Trinetra’s FMS software has reduced our time of operations and wastage of fuel in fleet operations, besides helping in cost control. The software has reduced the pressures of daily operations; as it has improved the efficacy in running fleets and managing drivers.”

– Managing Director.

Tyre Management Solutions

Tyre Management Solutions


The client is one of the leading Transportation & Logistic service providers offering delivery solutions to different Industry verticals. The vehicles are used almost non-stop through-out the year to keep up with the demand. Almost 340 vehicles are mapped and running for different purposes.

Business Requirement

The client wanted a solution to assist the Transport administrators to keep track of the vehicle Tyre from the purchase level till the rethreading process. As Tyre is the one of the most expensive component client was looking for a reliable solution that will lead to effective utilization of the stocks and also to increase lifetime of the tires.

Trinetra Solution

The client was provided with Trinetra GPS vehicle tracking solution with tyre management. Of all parts of a vehicle one of the most wearable parts is the tyre, and it’s also the most expensive part of a vehicle. To monitor the Tyre usage and increase tyre life, accurate data about the distance run on each tyre is vital. Only Organization that monitors and tracks tyre expenditure along with certain other critical information can save unnecessary tyre expenditure. The fleet of vehicles this client has was substantial, hence they preferred to purchase an end-to-end Vehicle Tracking & Fleet management software with which they view the vehicle usage besides have the option to get statistical reports to track the budgeted Vs actual cost of maintenance and plan the maintenance for the vehicle with three different parameters such as Distance travelled, Time based, Engine run time.

With Trinetra Tyre management solution transport administrators can track the complete history of Tyre. It helps them to replace the manual work involved in Tyre maintenance and allow them to automate Tyre Management. They can also track the details on the tyre purchase, vendor details, make & model, Tyre Mapping, Tyre Swapping, Tyre Stock & Tyre Rethreading related info’s to get the best from their tyres. Trinetra also offers the flexibility in mapping the Tyre to different Axles of the vehicles with complete clarity.


  • Effective Tyre lifecycle Management
  • Reduces Manual Work for Tyre Maintenance
  • Complete Stock details which leads to Maximized Productivity
  • Accurate details of distanced traveled
  • Performance analysis
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Ensures effective utilization of each tyre

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