Machinery Industry

Machinery Industry


Client is the manufacturer and exporter of large machineries worldwide. The company incorporates 42 years of experience in providing machinery solutions to a wide array of industries and applications.

Business Requirement

Major pain point of the client business was malfunctioning of machines which lead to wear and tear of fits equipments. The client’s requirement was to have a solution for real time data capture of machines performance, debug the machines and to send reports instantly in case of attention required.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra Wireless has successfully implemented the option to remotely debug machineries which are at scattered locations. Since the equipment’s malfunction results in a large impact on cost, Trinetra’s GPS tracking solution helps quickly to rectify the malfunction without visiting or working on the machine in person. In case if any emergency alerts occurred, Trinetra’s tracking system provides an option to switch to the debugging mode, where frequency of the data increase and helps the user to debug the issue immediately.

Frequency of the data shall be set based on the parameters also from where alerts have been triggered. Based on these parameters frequency and response for the alerts can be optimized in Trinetra GPS tracking device.


  • Tracking machines run time
  • Tracking position information of running machines
  • Cost and Time Saving
  • Fault Identification
  • Debugging Report and Status
  • Real Time Notification Alerts
  • Utilization reports

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