GPS Vehicle Tracking System & Fleet Management Software Solutions For BPO & IT / ITES Companies

BPO & IT / ITES Companies

The IT and ITES (BPO) sector has grown at a rapid pace by leaps and bounds over the years. The BPO industry maintains a large workforce working 24/7 in multiple shifts and the employees are provided door-to-door transport. Most BPO employees work at odd hours and many of them are women. Thousands of employees need to be transferred to various localities on time every single day. Most of the transfers take place within the time frame of a couple of hours. Delays are not acceptable because of the nature of this industry – so decisions regarding wait times and re-routing have to be taken on the fly.

There is a growing concern for employee security in the BPO industry, considering odd shift timings. Most of the employees are working in night shifts so they need to provide the cab for the employees and need to track the real time position of the cabs on the map and also to manage the shortest possible route for the pick-up and drop locations. The fleet or transport manager needs to assign the cabs for the requested employees and also need to monitor the roistering reports.

Under this scenario of thousands of transfers within a short time period, it is essential for BPO transporters to streamline their transportation operations. Trinetra has successfully partnered with leading BPO & IT companies across the globe in managing their cab / call center vehicles and BPO fleet movement requirements. Trinetra’s industry leading Routing, Scheduling, Tracking and Monitoring software provide the effective fleet management solutions that make the BPO business run smoothly and on schedule

Solution Offerings

  • Real time tracking of cab vehicles
  • Effective utilization by enabling maximum number of employee pick-ups & drops
  • Geo-fence creation and monitoring violations
  • Optimized trip scheduling and better organization of the trip routes
  • Create & allocate the most optimal / shortest possible route
  • Assign the shortest route to a cab and also for the requested employees
  • Track key events such as total trip time, driver’s idling time, over speeding, route deviation from the predetermined route
  • Accurate information on turn-by-turn driving directions, distance & estimated drive times
  • Advance assignment of vehicles to employees pick-up or drop off
  • Facilitating on-time reporting of driver at pick-up point
  • Alerts and Panic Button in case of Emergency


  • Enhanced Safety and Security for employees
  • Effective utilization of cabs / vehicle / BPO fleet
  • Efficient route planning & optimization
  • Improved route efficiency and facilitate the dispatch process for BPO fleets
  • Improved response time with shortest possible route
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Effective monitoring of the cab services
  • Improved punctuality of the organization
  • Maximize productivity & Cost Reduction




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