Trinetra Wireless

Trinetra Wireless

Fleet Management,Mobility & IoT Solutions

Trinetra Wireless is working with large system integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and city governments around the globe to deliver a wide range of smart city solutions. Adoption of advance End to End M2M Remote Monitoring Solution helps us Unlock efficiencies and unleash innovation with IoT.


Seamless machine-to-machine connectivity across diverse locations with significant cost and operational advantages


We help you in identifying, manufacturing and configuring your IoT enabled devices, all for a richer ecosystem


Access to analyse predictive information on possible downtimes to plan preventive actions


Enterprise-specific and simple solutions enable organizations make data-driven decision making in all business aspects


  • Streamlining and optimizing networks
  • Industry leading solutions for easy integration
  • Capturing and sharing critical insights
  • Enhancing Reactivity and Resilience
  • Diagnostic & predictive analysis
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  • Digital connectivity from cloud
  • Faster results with less risks
  • Business results for better decision-making
  • Enhanced strategies for solicitous approaches
  • Solutions of every kind to connect more effectively
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Smart City

  • Remotely monitoring critical assets
  • Increased profitability with real time connectivity
  • Tracking of all key performance indicators
  • Access to real-time data & complete control over assets
  • Visualized data to facilitate predictive maintenance
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  • Intelligent solutions for diverse industry verticals across 15+ countries
  • Trinetra Wireless chosen as the Nodal Office for Coimbatore Region for the prestigious programme “Digital India” in 2015 – A Government of India Initiative
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Advantages of Trinetra solutions


Trinetra uses industry leading web technologies and cutting-edge hardware design to bring you the highest quality of Fleet management,Mobility & IoT Solutions

Smart City Solutions

  • Timely notifications
  • Geozone for monitoring entry & exit of vehicles
  • Location updates from Digital Mapping
  • SOS provision for safety measures
  • Mobile app for Passengers
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Mobility Solutions

  • Wireless connectivity for mobilized applications
  • Increased Situational awareness
  • Improved Preparedness
  • Enhanced user Safety at all times
  • Mobile & remote resource management
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IoT Solutions

  • Real-time connectivity
  • Centralized function and performance management
  • Predictive information for preventive action
  • Drive progress and reduce operating costs
  • Agile and adaptable business strategies
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