Trinetra Wireless Featured in Commercial Vehicle Magazine

Trinetra Wireless Featured in Commercial Vehicle Magazine

Trinetra Wireless, an innovative technology company with proven domain expertise, specializing in offering best-in-class telematics solutions is recently featured in the April 2011 issue of Commercial Vehicle, a niche-market magazine from Next Gen Publishing that looks at trucks, buses and the heavy vehicles industry.

The article provides a spotlight on Trinetra’s climb up in the fleet management ladder right from the fledgling start-up to the premium player in GPS vehicle tracking & fleet management market. The write-up throws light on Trinetra’s key features like vehicle tracking, fleet maintenance, driver management, route optimization, notification and alerts, graphical dashboard, mobile data terminal, biometric and RFID integration as well as temperature sensing.

The story also shows a glimpse of the making of Trinetra, an award winning fleet management product that uses industry leading web technologies and cutting-edge hardware design. A line in the article reads, “The software is proprietary, while the hardware is locally manufactured under design from Canada. Therefore the integration is very effective. The icing on the cake is that, all the data resides in cloud computing.

Trinetra Wireless is very honoured to be featured in the April 2011 issue of the Commercial Vehicle magazine and we feel that getting featured in this industry related magazine adds real value and it’s a growth area for us to gain competitive advantage by enhancing the corporate brand image, prestige and credibility.

Visit our recent events section to know more about Trinetra’s participation at Commercial Vehicles 2011 Middle East.

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Trinetra Wireless invited to Speak at Commercial Vehicles Conference 2011, Dubai, Middle East

Trinetra Wireless invited to Speak at Commercial Vehicles Conference 2011, Dubai, Middle East

Trinetra Wireless, a name synonymous in providing GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions is proud to announce that, it has been invited to speak at the Commercial Vehicles Conference, an exclusive 3 day high-level regional conference taking place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai, U.A.E, from 14th to 16th March 2011. We have been invited to deliver a keynote speech and be part of the interactive panel discussion entitled Telematics as Fleet Management Cost Reducers”on the day 2 of the conference at 11:00 AM.

In these challenging economic times, fleet owners often find limited success from the expensive and sophisticated telematics software. Industries such as logistics rely heavily on telematics to reduce costs. At Trinetra Wireless, we are effectively using telematics to improve driver behavior, fuel efficiency and preventive maintenance. In this three day conference filled with interactive panel sessions and workshops, Trinetra has plans to focus on providing crucial information and practical ideas for fleet owners, managers and operations managers to ensure successful transport operations for their organizations.

It’s a privilege to have been invited to speak at CVME 2011 Dubai, the region’s only specialized eventdedicated to all types of commercial vehicles, parts and services. We greatly appreciate the hospitality of the conference hosts and the opportunity to participate.

In addition, we are also participating in the Commercial Vehicles Conference 2011 and showcasing our award-winning fleet management system, Visit us at Hall No: 3, Stand No. A4.

Visit our recent events section to know more about Trinetra’s participation at Commercial Vehicles 2011 Middle East.

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Trinetra Wireless Clinches Large Contract in Middle East

Trinetra Wireless Clinches A Key Business Deal In UAE

Trinetra Wireless is glad to announce that, it has clinched an important business contract from a Middle East company recently. Impressed by the Trinetra’s award-winning product and customer-centric business approach, a Middle East company headquartered in Dubai, UAE who is one of the largest transportation service providers of petroleum and chemical products across the GCC region in middle-east has signed a long-term contract with Trinetra Wireless. This deal has come in the wake of the Trinetra’s committed focus in both middle-east and international markets.

With this key business deal, Trinetra has once again proved its mettle as a leading player in GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management solutions. This business order brings a comprehensive business advantage for Trinetra by validating the competitiveness of our product in the global marketplace and also for the key in terms of both tracking & optimizing his complex Fleet Management requirements.

Want to know more about TRINETRA? You can read more fleet management case studies or request for a product demo here.

Trinetra Co-sponsors a Conference on RFID organized by CII

Trinetra Co-sponsors a Conference on RFID organized by CII

Trinetra, one of the leading frontiers in the GPS vehicle tracking industry, co-sponsored the Conference on RFID organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) held during last October 09, 2010, at Hotel Le Royale Meridien, Guindy, Chennai. The conference featured live demonstrations and a wide variety of technical sessions to attendees, especially on how all types of AUTO-ID Barcodes, 2D, 3D, Sensors, Smart Cards and RFID Technologies including Active Wi-Fi, Passive UHF, Passive HF and more can be used to improve operations in warehouses, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, hospitals, financial institutions and logistics.

Trinetra Wireless co-sponsored the CII Conference on RFID in full support for vehicle tracking and fleet management to gain additional knowledge from the experts and experienced icons of the automobile industry. The conference became a great venue for vehicle tracking business owners to ask advice on the experts of the fields and share ideas and information with other business owners.

Speakers of the event included experienced and successful RFID professionals, technology experts from various companies and a lot more. Participants were guided on how to use RFID on their business processes in key functional areas to leverage the unparalleled benefits and also to experience the latest RFID products designed to address real-time business problems. Panels, on the other hand, discussed about using RFID to track vehicles and assets in real time in order to gain a broad understanding of where your competitors are on the adoption curve and where your industry is headed and ways to improve the business to name a few.

Co-sponsoring such conferences and participating in prestigious events across the globe are going to be a regular feature of Trinetra’s strategy to align its product with the evolving needs of our customers. We intend to obtain useful feedback about our product and insight into challenges the customers are facing in their businesses to help us shapeup our product roadmap. It also helps participants understand about the depth of Trinetra product, and familiarize them to its philosophy and vision to become the one stop solution provider for GPS vehicle tracking service.

Trinetra has taken advantage of this unparalleled conference on RFID as the unique business platform to help ramp up its presence and reach out to the region’s resilient transportation markets.

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Trinetra announces Specialized Solutions Suite for GPS Vehicle Tracking & FMS

Trinetra announces Specialized Solutions Suite for GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions

Trinetra Wireless, an industry leader in fleet management technology, today announced its  Specialized Solution Suite for GPS vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions, that helps businesses gain fleet efficiencies, save fuel, improve performance, and lets vehicle / fleet owners and drivers be significantly more productive. Trinetra’s Specialized Solutions goes far beyond traditional GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, delivering an array of premium features utilizing today’s most advanced technologies such as Mobile Data Terminal, Driver Identification, Biometric & RFID, Temperature Sensing, Remote Asset Monitoring, Keypad Integration and Web Services to help clients across diversified industry verticals increase productivity and reduce operational costs. As a result, Trinetra uniquely gives vehicle / fleet owners clear vision and focus for tracking high-value mobile assets and managing operations, in a cost-effective way specifically designed for small to large fleets.

With the release of Trinetra’s Specialized Solutions Suite, companies with small to large size fleets needing to focus on tracking mobile assets, now have access to a solution offering a comprehensive feature set aimed specifically at their operations and business requirements.  Further, as a result of our technology leadership and success of Trinetra’s award-winning Fleet Management System, we uniquely offer the most specialized GPS solutions at industry leading market prices.

If you’re interested to know more about Trinetra’s Specialized Solutions Suite, please visit our Specialized Solutions page and see how Trinetra could add momentum by leveraging your business with substantial cost savings.

Trinetra Bags CeBIT Award for Excellence in Location Based Services

Trinetra Bags CeBIT Award for Excellence in Location Based Services

Trinetra Wireless is glad to announce that it has bagged the “Excellence in Location Based Services Award” at CeBIT, the leading IT exhibition & trade show event in Asia Pacific recently held at Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW, Australia from May 24 – 26, 2010.

We at Trinetra are continually striving for excellence and this award raises the bar across all aspects of our business and provides us with ways to benchmark against top performers in our business niche. The CeBIT.AU Award for Excellence in Location Based Services was one of eight CeBIT.AU Business Awards and it is aimed at the ever-growing market segment of Geospatial products and Location Based Services.

We are extremely delighted to have won this most coveted prize. Out of 18 companies that have participated in the Location Based Services category, Trinetra was nominated as one of the top 3 companies and was finally awarded the WINNER in this category. ANGLER Technologies, the enterprise partner for Trinetra in Australia received this award.

TRINETRA is a next generation web-based GPS-powered platform providing ‘Real Time Automatic Vehicle Location & Tracking’ to assist companies to manage their vehicles and assets. TRINETRA integrates all 3 core elements of AVL Solutions namely Location, Tracking & Security, thus providing an integrated solution for all your Fleet Management requirements.

Trinetra Wireless is a ground-breaking technology company with proven domain expertise, having an advanced hardware design centre in Canada and top-notch embedded engineering and software development centre in India. With local presence in 8+ global locations, we work and continuously look for channel partners and system integrators globally to offer quality solutions to our clients.

At this juncture, we express our heartful gratitude and warm regards to all participants / visitors including business partners, system integrators, resellers and software vendors across the globe who made this trade show event a great success and help us to achieve this recognition by making their presence at ‘TRINETRA’ stall in CeBIT 2010 Australia.

Contact us today to empower your Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management requirements with TRINETRA! Want to know more about TRINETRA? You can request for a product demo here.

Trinetra – Fleet Management Solutions for the fast growing Middle East Market

Trinetra - Fleet Management Solutions for the fast growing Middle East Market

Trinetra, Automatic Vehicle Location and Fleet Management solutions is being introduced at GITEX 2009 Tradeshow, Dubai (18 – 22 October 2009) to cater to the demands for Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management requirements for one of the largest transportation and logistics markets, namely the Middle East and GCC region.

In these belt-tightening times, many organizations are gearing up for efficient ways to manage their services. Trinetra offers holistic fleet management system that can virtualize the monitoring and management of an organization’s fleet. It is an end- to end solution comprising both hardware and software for fleet owners and operators to possess an excellent visibility, control and security in real-time.

Organizations managing and running fleets usually operate on razor thin margins. Profits are heavily dependent on fleet utilization and optimization methodologies. The recession has further depleted the purses of fleet companies, resulting in reduced scale of operations, lower profits and inconsistencies and inefficiencies in processes. Therefore effective monitoring is the key to fleet optimization and can be achieved by a robust fleet management system.

The high demand for our GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management in the Middle East Market is a strong indicator that this reliable Automatic Vehicle Tracking system will be very well received. We wish to thank our clients and partners for their continued support and cooperation.

Trinetra, One-stop solutions for all your Fleet Management needs


Trinetra Wireless, an innovative technology company has launched an exclusive website for Trinetra, a best-in-class Fleet Management, Vehicle Location & Tracking System to satisfy the needs for existing clients, new clients, system integrators and partner companies.

The website provides a platform for visitors and clients for both information and interaction. This commitment towards a dedicated website for Trinetra GPS Vehicle Tracking is a significant one and emphasizes our commitment in Fleet Management solutions.  Continued growth and demand for flexible fleet management systems globally has triggered us for the inception of an exclusive, interactive website that will help to better serve our growing clientele, in terms of both project management and implementation. The new website will also enable us to respond efficiently to new business development opportunities and to support both clients and partners.

The redesigned website will help customers and visitors to quickly and efficiently access all the information they need to know about Trinetra, automatic vehicle location, tracking & fleet management solutions including its features, Demo presentations, solutions, pricing, applications, benefits and much more. The interactive features added to the Trinetra including forums, Live support, Useful product resources and Help desk 24×7 will allow us to communicate more effectively with visitors and users interested in Fleet Management Solutions and Vehicle Location & Tracking.

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