School Bus Tracking

GPS School Bus Tracking System for a leading educational institution to track their students at any given time on any of their buses by placing top emphasis on the safety of students.

Cold Storage Monitoring

Cold Storage Refrigerated Trucks Monitoring for a leading FMCG company. Trinetra provides timely information about each reefer’s location, temperature status & also triggers real-time alert notifications if temperature limit exceeds the threshold.

Organic Food Distributor

The client was provided with Trinetra fleet management solutions which resolves client’s requirement. Trinetra helps the client to track vehicles and to get notified on the temperature status individually on instances based on each compartments.

Transportation Service Provider

The client’s business requirement was an innovative GPS vehicle tracking solution with specialized features to monitor the driver behaviour effectively in real-time.


Client was provided with Trinetra, the device helps them to monitor and notify the delivery trucks which are used to pick up vegetables from the super markets and deliver it to their place.

Conglomerate Industry

Trinetra solution helped the client with tracking and fleet management modules. Modules of Trinetra like fleet maintenance, Tyre management, route management and work order management helped the client to arrive at the one stop solution for maintaining the entire fleet.

Reputed Transportation Service Provider

Trinetra provides fleet maintenance module to get the consolidated information on status of each vehicle which includes information about maintenance, service, history of service and authorized person assigned to the vehicle.

Gas Distributor

As Fleet maintenance is a critical component for this type of business, Trinetra application completely automates and ensures the condition of the vehicle and its components.

Vehicle Service Provider

With Trinetra installed on their vehicles, the company can now monitor the current position of a single vehicle, position of an entire fleet of vehicle, route information of the vehicle over a period of time and all events that occurred during a particular trip on street level digital maps.

Food and Beverage Industry

Trinetra has been a powerful tool to monitor the vehicle as well as to schedule the vehicle for on time deliveries. Effective maintenance plan of the services, efficient utilization of the vehicle and real-time vehicle location monitoring has been enabled to client.