Route Optimization Software

Route Optimization Software

Today’s route optimization software, along with vehicle tracking systems, provides excellent avenues to drive efficiency and customer service improvements. They enable fleet managers to efficiently assign vehicles/drivers, plan routes, schedule pickups/drops, associate routes with geographic regions, and specific/multiple destinations to minimize fuel costs. This pivotal tool streamlines all your logistical and freight decisions. When facing multiple visits or drops within specific time slots, planning the most efficient routes can be a challenge.

Trinetra’s new powerful Route Optimizer does all the hard work and will calculate the best routes and timings to ensure your customers get what they want on time. It also means you maximize your resources while minimizing cost. Unlike when you plan routes manually, the Trinetra Route Optimizer looks at all jobs at the same time resulting in the best possible route plan.

Trinetra – Route Optimization Software comprises the following features :
  • A powerful Routing Engine with a route optimization algorithm, designed & developed to create routes based on user specified origins, waypoints and destinations
  • Accurate information on turn-by-turn driving directions, distance & estimated drive times
  • Generates the optimal route mix for your vehicles to meet your key objectives of least travel time & reduced costs
  • Automates the process of route planning
  • Easy customization to meet any business logics of an organization

Trinetra’s Route Optimization Solution is very flexible and can be used for diversified industry verticals. For a BPO or Call center it helps in effective utilization of vehicles by enabling maximum number of employee or passenger pickups and drops. For a Transportation or logistics company a higher number of deliveries can be planned for in an optimized manner. No matter how you choose to use Trinetra, you will soon wonder how you ever lived without it. Intuitive Route Optimization Software combined with Vehicle Tracking makes it an extremely effective approach to get the most out of your day, without spending more time and money than necessary.

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