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Fleet maintenance is important for any organization which has transportation as an integral part of the business. With an increasing number of vehicles travelling longer distances, maintaining the quality of a vehicle is very important. Regular and on time fleet-vehicle maintenance will assist in minimizing high-cost repairs, enhancing vehicle productivity, increasing the longevity of a vehicle and reducing the carbon footprint as well.

Solution Offerings

  • Unlimited number of maintenance schedules for all the vehicles
  • Create better schedule for your vehicles
  • Create numerous maintenance plans based on the business rules
  • Automate fleet maintenance schedules
  • Create recurring maintenance plans based on service types
  • Set your own preferences to schedule a maintenance plan
  • Keep track of unplanned maintenance done for vehicles
  • Send Email / SMS alerts to fleet owners
  • View the maintenance history based on the type of vehicles
  • Statistical reports to provide insight on better fleet management
  • Track the budgeted Vs actual cost of maintenance
  • Take faster and accurate business decisions

Trinetra offers a very distinct advantage as it combines both GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Maintenance to provide fleet owners the best of both. No more manually tracking of services or searching through piles of paper. Trinetra helps you manage your fleet and track your maintenance history with vital information such as cost incurred for a particular service, total maintenance cost for a particular vehicle, comparisons of costs incurred between different vehicles and much more valuable information. It’s quick and simple to use. Choose your vehicle details and your preferences to schedule a maintenance plan. Handle unlimited number of maintenance schedules for all the vehicles in your fleet effortlessly with Trinetra. A number of associated reports can be generated for Fleet Maintenance. These reports can be exported in PDF, Excel & Word formats. The user can schedule the reports to be received in regular intervals (Daily, Weekly or Monthly).

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