Upgrade Your Commercial Fleet Management System with Certified AIS-140 GPS Devices

Experience the future of fleet management with our certified AIS-140 GPS tracking device. Offering real-time vehicle tracking, geofencing capabilities, driver behavior monitoring and full compliance with regulatory standards, our cutting-edge GPS tracker is your key to enhancing safety, efficiency, and compliance for commercial vehicles.

AIS 140 GPS tracker

AIS 140 Certified GPS Device

The AIS 140 Certified GPS Tracking Device is mandatory for commercial vehicles in India, providing real-time tracking, improving safety and enhancing fleet management. It adheres to the Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS 140) mandated by the Indian government, employing GPS and GSM technology to ensure the efficiency and security of transportation systems, both public and private.

Benefits of AIS 140 Certified GPS Tracker

Real-time Location Tracking & Route Optimisation:

This certified device provide real-time tracking of vehicles, allowing for accurate monitoring of their locations and enabling businesses to optimize routes for improved efficiency and cost savings.

Emergency Button (PANIC/SOS):

AIS 140 devices include an emergency button for drivers to send distress signals during emergencies, accidents or breakdowns.

Speed Monitoring:

The device can monitor vehicle speeds and send alerts if predefined speed limits are exceeded, promoting safer driving practices.


These AIS 140 GPS trackers enable the creation of virtual boundaries, with alerts generated when vehicles enter or exit predefined areas, enhancing security and monitoring capabilities.

Fuel Monitoring & Tamper Alerts

Some AIS 140 devices integrate with the vehicle’s fuel system, providing real-time fuel data and tamper alerts for added security.

Data Logging:

Historical data is logged, providing insights into vehicle operations, including routes, idle time, fuel consumption, running kilometers and overall performance.

Driver Behaviour Analysis:

The device records driving behavior such as harsh braking, sharp turns, and acceleration patterns, facilitating driver training and safety improvements.

Regulatory Compliance:

AIS 140 certification mandates the installation of these devices in specific commercial vehicles to ensure government standards compliance. This helps businesses avoid legal complications and penalties.

Improved Passenger Safety & Vehicle Security:

In public transportation systems, AIS 140 devices enhance passenger safety by enabling authorities to monitor routes and respond swiftly in case of emergencies. These trackers also assist in recovering stolen vehicles by providing real-time location data to relevant law enforcement departments.

Who needs AIS 140 GPS Tracker?

AIS 140 GPS trackers are primarily needed by businesses and organizations that operate commercial vehicles, especially in India, where compliance with AIS 140 is mandatory for certain categories of vehicles. Here are some of the key groups that benefit from these trackers:

Commercial Fleet Owners:

Companies that own and manage fleets of commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses, taxis and logistics companies, benefit from these trackers. They help in monitoring vehicle movements, optimizing routes, and ensuring compliance with government regulations.

Transportation and Logistics Companies:

Businesses involved in transportation and logistics heavily rely on AIS 140 GPS trackers to track cargo, ensure on-time deliveries and maintain vehicle safety and compliance.

Public Transportation Providers:

Public bus and transport services use these trackers to enhance passenger safety, monitor bus routes, and manage schedules efficiently.

Government Agencies:

Government bodies responsible for overseeing transportation systems, road safety and compliance often mandate these trackers to ensure the safety and regulation of commercial vehicles.

Schools & Educational Institutions:

Educational institutions with a fleet of buses for student transportation use these trackers to ensure the safety of students, monitor bus routes and track the location of buses.

Emergency Services:

Police, ambulance and fire departments use these trackers in their vehicles to respond swiftly to emergencies and optimize response times.

Construction & Infrastructure Companies:

Companies involved in construction and infrastructure projects utilize these trackers to monitor the location and usage of heavy equipment and vehicles on job sites.

Private Vehicle Owners:

While not mandatory for private vehicles, some individuals may choose to install GPS trackers for added security, tracking and anti-theft measures.

It’s important to note that AIS 140 GPS trackers are primarily required for commercial and public transportation vehicles in India to ensure compliance with government regulations, enhance safety and improve operational efficiency. The specific requirements for AIS 140 compliance may vary depending on the category and usage of the vehicles.

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