Garbage Vehicle Tracking System & Fleet Management Software Solutions For Waste Management

Waste Management – Garbage Vehicle Tracking System & Fleet Management

Trinetra’s GPS Garbage Fleet Tracking Solution for the waste management industry enables you to address routes of all types including commercial, residential and recycling. Waste management is an essential business service whether it’s collection, transport, processing, disposal, recycling and monitoring of waste materials. Operational efficiency gives you a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive environment. With the help of Trinetra, the fleet manager can easily log the precise activities that account for the entire route, as they happen. Lifts, disposal, skips, extras and every possible activity is associated with a time stamp and location calculation and is recorded to help you manage fleet productivity.

Trinetra’s Waste Management GPS Vehicle Tracking System is providing entire solution for fleet owners providing Waste collection & disposal services. With this system, Fleet managers can monitor driver behavior, track fleet’s route, monitor day to day job performance and many more all in real time. In addition to the above feature you can also avail various other specialized solutions which will take away many of the problems often associated with mobile fleets.

Solution Offerings

  • Track 24/7 service with real time data
  • Manage fleet maintenance schedules efficiently
  • Reduce operating costs, as well as improve the efficiency
  • Monitor driver behaviors
  • Monitor fleets Route & manage fuel consumption.
  • Monitor adherence to scheduled waste collections
  • Transmit drivers on the fly to add an extra job on the way to a given location
  • Enhance workforce efficiency
  • Intelligent reports for insight into violations & exceptions
  • Get alerts and notification on mobile.

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