Poultry Farm Products

perishable goods vehicle tracking

The Client

The client is one of the leading poultry farms of the region belonging to the UAE. They supply their poultry products to multiple stores/retail outlets that number to around 45,000 across the region.

The Business Requirement.

The client faced huge losses owing to the damage during travel of the perishable goods. Due to the drivers’ negligence, the container’s door is open during the travel, which led to the product being damaged. The client needed a reliable fleet management solution to overcome their pain points.

The Solution Implementation.

The client in the poultry farm business, used to transport different types of meat to their customers. They supply to around 4,500+ customers the and travel distances may total to around 6,000 kilometres. The main problem is that food gets degraded mainly due to the opening of the door multiple times during the travel and due to temperature changes owing to the prolonged opening of the container door. Sometimes this can happen due to a technical failure in the refer truck.

Trinetra provided a solution covering all these pain points after a detailed study. It also addressed vehicle stoppages at unauthorised locations for considerable time, by providing alerts over mobile phones to stakeholders. The solution also provided multiple door sensors to monitor the opening and closing of the door and temperature sensors to monitor temperature inside the container. It is based on the preference set for meat. Breaches trigger alerts which will be sent to stakeholders and to the driver via the buzzer in the cabin, for immediate remedial action.

Benefits of the solution:

  • Accurate information of vehicle’s location with time.
  • Route Optimization
  • Idling alert and alerts on entry & exit at customer location
  • Unauthorized stoppage of the vehicle by driver
  • Increased safe and effective trips for the drivers
  • Temperature breach alerts and prolonged door open and close alerts

Food Distribution Industry

Fleet Management solution for Fresh food industry

The Client

The client operates in Karnataka and is a leading food products manufacturer and distributor across the south with more than 100 vehicles serving 400+ outlets across the region.

The Business Requirement.

As the company serves a large region for distribution of fresh food, the main objective is to monitor the 100+ vehicles running on the field with effective fleet tracking solution. A real time alerts and notification system was required for monitoring the vehicles’ wait time at every distribution outlet or store, for those that reach the store and an advanced and comprehensive report was needed to be generated for the dispatch manager, who had to take timely decisions for the distribution system.

The Solution Implementation.

The client uses 100+ vehicles for the distribution of fresh foods to their outlets or stores which are across south of India. Their vehicles had to reach the destined outlet within a particular fixed time, so as to cover all the outlets, as fresh food has to be delivered in the current time given, to avoid wastage.

The fleet management solution is needed to streamline and monitor the distribution. Trinetra provided the efficient vehicle tracking, live monitoring and the reporting system, for vehicles that spent time at a particular location, with IN and OUT time logs. The vehicles plan to cover 30 outlets per day.

So, Trinetra provided the instant alerts on vehicle entering the location and leaving it with user-friendly geozone module, followed with customised report to monitor the areas the vehicle covered in a particular trip, with distance travelled and time spent in each location accounted.

Through continuous monitoring and driver education, there’s increased visibility and better streamlining of trips. There is higher productivity for the business across south India.

With the vehicle and driver management process system in place, the client is able to utilise their vehicles to the full potential. It also provided them confidence to increase the number of outlets and vehicles, which led to business expansion to other regions and increase in revenue.

Trinetra provided the client with the powerful GPS Fleet Management solution along with exception based Geozone to avoid delay in reaching the locations by taking immediate decisions and corrective actions.

Benefits of the solution

  • Accurate information of vehicles’ distance with time.
  • Better vehicle & fleet utilization
  • Effective actions to control adhoc request from any of the outlets
  • Satisfy customer with fresh foods & on-time service
  • Increased safe and effective trips for the drivers
  • Alerts for quick business decision-making.

Pharmaceutical Company


The client is a full service CRO, offering drug development & discovery services to pharmaceutical & biotech companies worldwide located in Dubai with 150+ vehicles.

Business Requirement

As the client deals with supplying Blood samples and laboratory specimen, they have to be carried out from one place to another and it is very essential to maintain the temperature and humidity in between a set threshold. The client’s requirement was to monitor the temperature and humidity inside their delivery vehicle; along with that, they required a single sophisticated vehicle management system to monitor the parameters of chiller units. Chiller units were fitted in their vehicles to carry Blood samples and laboratory specimen, which will maintain a certain temperature inside the unit.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra drug delivery vehicle management system has been provided to the client with comprehensive vehicle monitoring solution to overcome challenges, where value-added products are developed and formulated in large scale, transportation of such high valued products and providing on-time delivery is their major criticality.   Now, with assistance of Trinetra – Fleet monitoring solutions, the stakeholders have access to their vehicles usage, Trinetra comprises of GPS Fleet Management hardware supplemented with user-friendly interface to cater the needs of our customer. Trinetra offers an extensive vehicle tracking solution to the customer to capture all vital information such as vehicle utilization, location, temperature; humidity and security related parameters are provided in high quality standards with seamless operations.

Trinetra helps the client to meet Service Level Agreements (SLA) by avoiding delay; fast turnaround time is achieved on regulatory standards, by calculating the approximate time required for the vehicle to reach the next pick-up points. Real time data acquisition plays a major role in delivering the products in which temperature and humidity is the major constraint. The temperature sensors through which temperature can be monitored are scrutinized, hence safety of the specimens is ensured. Trinetra temperature monitoring solution helped the client by offering end-to-end quality service in managing the vehicles by showing location update, status on parked and idling, delay notification, which leads to quick pick-ups of the specimen.

As a huge number of vehicles on the field are monitored with high importance, Trinetra provides real time vehicle monitoring solution for better dispatching of the collected samples and eliminates redundant travel by consolidating specimens pick up. Effective utilization of the fleet is achieved by planning the daily pick-up services with high quality standards.


  • Monitor temperature breaches on the go
  • Real time alerts notification
  • Increase visibility between the various stake holders
  • Safe and on-time delivery of drugs
  • Improved Customer satisfaction
  • Reduced Operational Costs

Food Distribution Company

Food Distribution Company


The client is dealing with delivering processed foods to restaurants, grocery stores, caterers and institution along the Front Range in the region of Qatar. Due to the quality and time adherence by the client, they are able to continuously cater in this business.

Business Requirement

The client wanted an application to track his 100+ fleet vehicles as he is in a need to streamline their process in terms of timely delivery and time adherence.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra helped the client to automate and monitor vehicles used by the food distribution company based on their fleets, where it also helped them to monitor the trucks based on the routes set by them using its Route Management Module, drivers are instructed to take the route assigned to them and to deliver the foods on time without any deviation or missing any location. Instant alerts will be provided to the client on visiting each drop points and the journey plan for each drivers will be scheduled by the admin on a day to day basis which is sent to the respective drivers in advance, vehicle movement can also be taken as a report and scheduled to their respective stakeholders.

With our real time monitoring option client can locate their vehicles exact position and also monitors the temperature inside the containers in case of frozen foods. Trinetra has been a powerful tool to monitor the vehicle as well as to schedule the vehicle for on time deliveries. It has become much easier for the client to monitor and maintain huge fleet of vehicles easily and effectively.


  • Effective utilization of the vehicles
  • Increased visibility between the various stake holders
  • Defined Route Planning vs Adherence
  • Instant Vehicle and Temperature Alerts
  • Faster ROI from vehicles
  • Comprehensive fleet management
  • Decreased Overtime
  • Reduced Operational Costs

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