Manage Your Fleet Effectively With Vehicle Tracking Mobile App

July 25, 2014

Manage Your Fleet Effectively With Vehicle Tracking Mobile App

Smartphone’s have become a vital part in the routine lives of millions of people around the globe. Whether they use mobile phones, tablets, or any other handheld devices they get all the required information in the palm of their hands. That’s why mobile app plays an important role in today’s market for any business.

As fleet owners in today’s world are on the move, it is significant that the fleet tracking companies should have a mobile app to instantly track and manage their fleets. But why? How far the vehicle tracking mobile apps can be valuable for fleet owners? Let’s Discuss:

Mobile apps for fleet tracking facilitate fleet owners to monitor and manage their fleets through Smartphone’s right-away. These apps are simple-to-use and brings the most modern technology and creativity to make sure that their fleets are always trackable and making it an perfect solution that they don’t have to be with PC’s or laptops all time to stay up to date about fleet information. With the fleet tracking mobile app, fleet managers can seamlessly receive or send messages to their fleet drivers, view real-time vehicle location, monitor fleet activities, set alarms & notifications, status and much more. Trinetra’s intuitive mobile app for vehicle tracking empowers existing users with the primary information’s such as:

  • Track fleets’ whereabouts and stop times
  • Digital Maps to exhibit the movement of the vehicles / assets
  • Smart dashboard to analyze the key aspects
  • Monitor fleet driver behavior
  • Entire history of fleets
  • View various alarms
  • Instant alerts and notifications.

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