IoT has evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies, and now Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem with connected physical objects that are accessible through the internet. The embedded technology within the objects helps them to interact with internal states or the external environment, which in turn helps in making better decisions.

Trinetra’s IoT Application

In Trinetra we adapt IoT solution and deploy our valuable services widely for.,

IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

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M2M Solutions

M2M Solutions

GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions providers find many use cases; Internet of Things will turn out to be the lifeline of the future fleet management industry. An IoT-based fleet tracking system in its way is more efficient than a traditional vehicle tracking system. If you’re into transportation industry, you should definitely think about upgrading old systems with integrating Trinetra.

IoT in Fleet Management

IoT’s role in fleet management is crucial, it all starts with sensors and devices embedded in the vehicles and the data they are capturing. Depending on the type of requirement IoT helps to track and monitor vehicles with the appropriate locations & relevant information.

How it works

IoT in Fleet Management

Internet of Things in fleet management focuses on 3 main technologies

  • RFID
  • GPS
  • OBD II’s

RFID helps to control and identify things while GPS and OBD II’s make it possible to obtain real-time information on routes, vehicle maintenance and driving conditions.

Key Challenges

IoT Fleet Management Solution

  • Fleet tracking
  • Monitoring & assistance in fleet maintenance
  • Reducing downtime
  • Getting information on fuel usage, speed, or mileage
  • Compromised fleet safety
  • Getting updates regarding shipment or delivery


  • Track, locate and get current vehicle data
  • Map-based, interactive visualization
  • Built-in KPIs for fleet utilization, availability, fuel costs and policy violations
  • Improved ETA Predictions and Reduce Vehicle Downtime
  • Vehicle on-board status data to detect liabilities and diagnose alerts
  • Contextualized visibility and notifications on the mobile app
  • Instant notifications when vehicle movement violates & geo-fence boundaries
  • Monitor vehicle idle-time to reduce fuel costs and complete trips faster

Benefits of IoT in Fleet Management

  • Real-time connectivity
  • Centralized function and performance management
  • Predictive information for preventive action
  • Drive progress and reduce operating costs
  • Data security
  • Streamlining and optimizing networks
  • Industry leading solutions for easy integration
  • Capturing and sharing critical insights
  • Enhancing Reactivity and Resilience
  • Agile and adaptable business strategies

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