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GPS Tracking Security Vehicles

Now a days it’s very essential to protect your vehicles and secure your valuable assets from being theft. Trinetra GPS Vehicle Tracking Device gives you total peace of mind because you never have to wait or be hassled ever again. Trinetra’s Fleet Management and security solutions will maximize your productivity, safety and security of your fleet operations, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Trinetra enhances your fleet security by effectively managing fleet operations and helps you to protect your vehicles and high-valuable assets from thieves. Trinetra uses industry leading web technologies to spot the exact location of your vehicle and detect any unauthorized movement with the hidden movement sensor.

  • Trinetra triggers alarm notifications to help prevent vehicle theft.
  • Geo-fencing functions can set location boundaries which can also trigger notifications when exceeded.
  • A panic button can be installed so that the driver or passenger can press in case of emergencies to notify your authorized personnel.
  • A remote control Keyfob can be used for locking and unlocking the vehicle.
  • Vehicle immobilization, lights and horn can be activated in case of a security breach.

Both consumer and commercial vehicles can be outfitted with Trinetra to allow your internal admin and security or police to do tracking and recovery. Police can simply follow the signal emitted by the tracking system and locate the stolen vehicle and either recover or prevent motor vehicle theft.

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