All relevant industry sector features are available in a single point provided by Trinetra FMS.

Information Technology and Services Director - India

Live monitoring and update is very much useful for me to help monitor the vehicle at each and every location. The scrutinised view on the vehicles has been increased substantially.

Logistics and Supply Chain Manager - India

Monthly trip summary reports are the primary need of our company, related to vehicle management. The scheduling of reports is very helpful for us and it helps to monitor the data from the mail inbox itself.

Textile Industry IT administrator- India

Trinetra’s offers Vehicle Tracking and history which is very useful for us.

Paper & Forest Products Proprietor- India

We have found the Reporting System very good for us.

Leather Industry HR Manager- India

We recommend Trinetra for outstanding customer service and their ideal solution to our company transport needs. GPS Tracking solutions from Trinetra covered everything required for our business.

Transport & logistics Company Business owner- Pune

We highly recommend Trinetra for their dedicated service. They are prompt in their communication, and in keeping commitments. Their support staff has been very responsive in guiding us through the solution features, and product installation. They offer a robust solution, with very effective support services

Networking company Managing Director- Kenya

We are very happy to partner with Trinetra for promoting customized Trinetra vehicle tracking solutions in Saudi Arabia since 3 years. We are appreciating for good service and support and also our clients got good benefit for using this system and always we are receiving good support from customer team.

Technology Services Company Solution Consultant-Saudi Arabia

Since from 1 year we are using Trinetra vehicle tracking system and we are appreciating for good service and also we got good benefit for using this system example avoid vehicle fuel consumptions, tracking vehicles easily by customers, time saving and always we are receiving good support from customer team.

Once again thanks to Trinetra team.

Transport & Logistics Company General Manager-India

We have been using your tracking devices and the supporting system since few years, and the performance has been good. Have no qualms in recommending Trinetra wireless as a unit committed to understanding customers as well as to providing quality products and services.

Construction Company Finance Manager-India

We are happy to inform that GPS, purchased from Trinetra solved our dilemma in tracking the vehicles of our college with precision positioning tracking it online. Definitely, we will recommend Trinetra products for the Vehicle on real time.

Educational Institution Admin Manager-India

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