Software Overview

Our Fleet Management software solutions are scalable and flexible to integrate with your entire business, adaptable to improve fleet efficiency and helps in monitoring end-to-end fleet operations

Hardware Overview

AIS 140 GPS Tracking Device

  • Position and sensor information in real-time
  • Speed, Idling, acceleration and braking events
  • Support for custom Geozones and Landmarks
  • Odometer Calculation
  • Engine Hours Calculation
  • Main Battery Voltage Sensing of the Vehicle

Specialized Fleet Management Solutions Overview

Trinetra also offers specialized solutions like mobile data terminal, driver identification, biometric & RFID, temperature sensing, remote asset monitoring, keypad integration and web services.

Know More

Trinetra’s Fleet Management solution has unique advantages such as

Fleet Management Software solution

  • An integrated offering of both GPS hardware and software
  • A fully hosted solution requiring no software installation
  • Over-the-Air Firmware upgrade
  • Two-way communication process
  • Proprietary protocol enabling ease of customization
  • Multiple Map support including Google, Microsoft
  • Multilingual support

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