Trinetra values collaboration with partner companies as a key element in our global development strategy. We take pride in collaborating with dedicated channel partners and system integrators worldwide, offering quality solutions and prompt services to clients globally. We aim to grow our community of Channel Partners by seeking committed partners for strategic expansion.

Trinetra recognizes the vital role partners play in mutual success. We provide industry-leading GPS Vehicle Tracking and fleet Management Solutions along with a supportive business ecosystem to our partners.

We are looking at three types of Channel Partners

Trinetra Business Partner (TBP) - Fleet Management Solutions

Trinetra Business Partner (TBP)

  • Will market Trinetra with a committed focus with a dedicated sales team and will make arrangements as needed for installation of hardware, Level 1 support. Companies or System Integrators who view Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management as a focused growth area in their business would fit in here.

Trinetra Associate Partner (TAP) - GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Trinetra Associate Partner (TAP)

  • Will primarily focus on sales & marketing of Trinetra and would outsource to local System Integrators or TBPs to do the hardware installation. Companies who prefer to be dealers and resellers will fit in here.

Trinetra Referral Partner (TRP) - Fleet Management Software

Trinetra Referral Partner (TRP)

  • Will primarily generate and refer enquiries from clients and contacts to Trinetra HO or TBPs as referral partners.
Our Solution Offerings
  • Fleet Management Software
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking System
  • Asset Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Driver Behavior Analysis
  • Geo-Fencing and Alerts
  • Fuel Management
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Cloud-Based Accessibility
  • Continuous Innovation
Benefits of Partnering
  • Comprehensive Solutions Portfolio for Success
  • Global Market Expansion Through Strategic Networking
  • Tailored Partnership Tiers for Varied Business Models
  • Dedicated Support & Training Programs Offered
  • Lucrative Revenue Streams & Competitive Margins
  • Collaborative Success Model for Mutual Growth
  • Marketing Opportunities for Enhanced Visibility
  • Flexible Programs Aligned with Business Strengths
  • Access to Innovation in Fleet Management Technology
  • Seizing Profitable Growth in Expanding Markets

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