We @ Trinetra adapt to industry-leading mobile & web technologies to bring you the highest quality of Mobile field force solutions in real time.

Once Trinetra iWay Mobile App is downloaded & installed, relevant information from the app will be transmitted in real-time over GPRS to our cloud servers. The authorized users will have access to login and view data on a web-based cloud platform integrated with digital maps.

Mobile application for workforce management has features like Dashboard, Schedule Management, Monitor, History, Landmarks, Alarms & more. Intelligent reports are available for analysis and decision making.

Key features

Field Force Management Software

Schedule Management

Know real-time status and progress of the tasks assigned to the on field executives

Field Workforce Management app

Digital Mapping

Capture Location & other GPS info on map

Field Force Management Software

Locations Visited

Know Date/Time-stamp of visits to custom Points of Interest (POIs)

Field Workforce Management Software

Time Scheduling

Schedule visits & assess the time deviation of the person/asset

Field Force Automation Apps

Enterprise Integration

Integrate with your existing ERP & enterprise applications

Real Time Field Force Automation App

Custom Reports

Business intelligence reporting in-line with your KPIs

Mobile Field Force Management app


Alerts on mobile battery Low, switch on/off, GPS on/off

Mobile Field Workforce Management app


Email / SMS notifications to the respective stakeholders

Applications for Trinetra mobile app

  • Sales Team Management
  • Performance Management
  • Client Profile Management
  • Mobile Order Management
  • Product Sales Analysis
  • Reminder Mechanism
  • Instant Feedback
  • Sales Activity Reports

Custom mobile app development & Integration can be done including

  • Customer/Dealer Sales visit details
  • Review Inventory
  • Enable order placement in real time
  • Updated visit reports
  • Record answers for Survey questions & Much more
  • Integration with other ERPs / any third party software

Key features

 Mobile Field Force Solutions
  • Schedule Management
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Landmark and Geozone
  • Powerful & Intelligent Reports
  • Configuration


  • Field Workforce Management app
  • Field Force Management Software
  • Field Workforce Management Software
  • Best Field Force Automation App
  • Best Field Force Automation Apps

Reduced operational cost

It reduces the infrastructural cost of the company as many of the employees work from different locations. Moreover, the enterprises may have shared workspaces for the employees whenever they are bound to attend the workplace

Mobile application offered by Trinetra will improve business benefits and get real-time insights about mobile workforce team. For more details visit www.trinetraiway.com , an exclusive platform for Mobile field force solutions

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