GO GREEN with Trinetra's Fleet Management

Green fleet solutions are good for business and also good for the environment. A “Green Fleet” is an easy concept to embrace in light of today’s environmental concerns and corporate responsibility expectations. Green fleets are focused on reducing unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions, and on driving more safely and efficiently. If your fleet is not managed effectively, you can generate not only unnecessary emissions, but also excessive costs which negatively have great impact on your business bottom-line.

Fuel Monitoring Software System

Every extra mile you eliminate will reduce your carbon footprint. Not just fuel, man-hours and engine wear & tear, but by adding CO2 and other greenhouse gases to our air, which contribute to climate change. Trinetra’s Green Fleet Management Solutions turns your fleet green with accurate emission reporting and optimized routing, making your entire fleet more productive as well as environmentally responsible.

Trinetra’s Green Fleet Advantages

  • Improve response times.
  • Eliminate after-hours use.
  • Curb excessive idling time.
  • Ensure emissions compliance.
  • Dramatically reduce fuel expenses.
  • Improve operational performance.
  • Reduce aggressive driving habits.
  • Monitor and improve driver behavior.
  • Reduce speeding for better fuel economy.
  • Maintain vehicles to extend asset longevity.
  • Improve the service life of your fleet.
  • Reduce unexpected maintenance costs.
  • Deploy the right skill-set in the most efficient vehicle.

GO GREEN - Fleet Management Solutions

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