Trinetra has successfully partnered with large system integrators & service providers, combining their consulting, services & integration expertise with our award-winning GPS Vehicle Tracking product to deliver comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions for medium to large businesses.

While large system integrators play a critical role in providing Transportation or Fleet Management Solutions for large customers because of their services or consulting know-how, industry domain expertise and intimate knowledge of the customer’s business, Trinetra brings the other vital piece of the solution namely an award-winning high-quality integrated hardware & software product for GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions.

We believe in collaborative partnerships as a key strategy for growth and we have pursued this model successfully in order to create mutually beneficial relationships for Trinetra, our large system integration partners, and our customers.

We are looking for expanding our large system integrator partner community that would include global system integrators & service companies, niche fleet management consultancies and leading regional SIs. As a Large System Integrator a partnership with Trinetra allows you to:

  • Market our award-winning product Trinetra to accelerate your time-to-market strategy for GPS Vehicle Tracking.
  • Gain a competitive advantage for your transportation, telematics & fleet management solution offering.
  • Access to our integrated hardware & software technology platform offering to build end-to-end fleet management solutions for your customers.
  • Get support from Trinetra Presales team for Remote WebEx Demo, Proposal review.

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