Geofencing for Improved Fleet Productivity

Geofencing GPS Vehicle Monitoring System

Intelligent GPS Vehicle Tracking software allows user to do a lot more in addition to just real time vehicle tracking. To help client’s gain a competitive advantage by harnessing the power of data we can add specialized features that can meet their needs. Our professionals with enormous experience and functional knowledge add immense value to client organizations by enabling the web based vehicle tracking software and one such powerful feature is “Geofence”.

Trinetra’s Geofence feature will ensure customers get accurate information on vehicle whereabouts. Besides it facilitates transportation & logistics companies to plan their delivery schedules and meet them on time without any unnecessary delays.

Trinetra Geofencing feature enables user to do the following :
  • Create the entire zone/location as a Geofence in the application
  • Assign, manage & set the Geofence for all vehicles (as restricted / unauthorized)
  • Real time notifications when the vehicle enters IN/OUT to the Geofenced zone.
  • Users will get automatic notification on current location / date & time
  • Set trip time based on the business activity
  • Allows user to set a time limit to the Geofence
  • Get delay time notification for delays on the respective trip

With Trinetra’s geofence feature route efficiency that save time, money and fuel is made possible. Integration of this system will increase your mobile work team’s operational efficiency as well as improve driver accountability and fleet safety.

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