Identify your Hidden KPIs with an effective Fleet Management Solution – Series 1

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Fleet Management, Mobility & IoT Solutions

Trinetra’s Fleet Advisors are telematics experts and work with you to develop the right system for your business—one that will save time, increase your profits and decrease expenses. Additionally, you can try our online Fleet ROI Tool to get suggestions customized to your business needs.
We have clients successfully tracking their fleets nearly everywhere, but tracking does depend on cell coverage. Trinetra’s vehicle tracking solution utilizes a network of GPS satellites if the vehicle into an area where there is no coverage, the device is still logging data and will send up to six days of data once coverage is restored.
Yes, and it's included with our fleet management solution. Can set alerts and schedule the maintenance, our solution could help you to save thousands on repairs by alerting you with texts, emails and reports when certain maintenance deadlines occur.


Customer Feedback

All relevant industry sector features are available in a single point provided by Trinetra FMS. .

Information Technology and Services

Director - India

Live monitoring and update is very much useful for me to help monitor the vehicle at each and every location. The scrutinised view on the vehicles has been increased substantially. .

Logistics and Supply Chain

Manager - India

Monthly trip summary reports are the primary need of our company, related to vehicle management. The scheduling of reports is very helpful for us and it helps to monitor the data from the mail inbox itself. .

Textile Industry

IT administrator- India

Trinetra’s offers Vehicle Tracking and history which is very useful for us. .

Paper & Forest Products

Proprietor- India

We have found the Reporting System very good for us. .

Leather Industry

HR Manager- India