Hardware QA Engineer

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Hardware QA Engineer

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We are looking for a talented and highly motivated individual for a challenging product development application. Candidates with the ability to identify and troubleshoot electronic hardware issues, hardware items in wiring up circuits, fundamental understanding of crimping and fastening hardware, schematic capture tools (Orcad, Protel, Pads or similar), gerber generation tools. Experience in perform black box testing in hardware and Firmware. Should have experience in Test Life cycles and its procedure.

What we are looking for?
  • Engineers / Post Graduates with 1 to 2+ years of experience
  • Ability to interact and collaborate on technical issues within the team
  • Hardware & Firmware testing knowledge
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills
  • Willingness to learn & experiment new things
  • Identify and troubleshoot day-to-day electronic hardware issues quickly and effectively
  • Should be resourceful to find components and other hardware items that will help in wiring up circuit
  • Fundamental understanding of crimping and fastening hardware (screws, washers, nuts, bolts, thread lockers etc.) is a must
  • Ensure proper methodology coverage of the Technical Testing process.
  • Define the scope of the testing within the context of each release / delivery.
  • Test cases and Test report generation for the each hardware & Firmware release.
  • Must be able to analyze the given business situation and judge all the possible scenarios.
  • Performance analysis of new hardware / Firmware before every releases.
  • Basic understanding of schematic capture tools (Orcad, Protel, Pads or similar)
  • Basic understanding of Gerber generation tools.
  • Simulation tools like spice, filter-pro etc. are not mandatory, but is a bonus
  • Good communication skills with written and verbal are required
  • Document findings and conveying the required information effectively to peers.
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