Trinetra comes with GPS installation certification, especially suitable for school and education sector


In our modern world several technologies and its upgrades have not only offered advantages like reducing equipment costs, but also provided accurate real-time data, automation and many such benefits. However, there are some disadvantages, especially like the risk we see in data security.

Telematics aids education sector

On the other hand, the school and education sector too has really benefited from the advances of telematics. The sector uses the GPS tracking device to monitor their school buses deployed on-field. The sector is primarily focused on the safety of the students using the buses. The education sector utilises high-quality devices that satisfy the standard procedures.

GPS installation certified

We offer the GPS device with an installation certification, that helps us stand out of from other GPS service providers. As Trinetra is an original equipment manufacturer of GPS devices any future technology upgrades or modifications, can be easily incorporated. School buses equipped with the GPS device can be monitored in real time with the help of the Fleet Management System of Trinetra.

System can be supported by a mobile app.

The monitoring system (FMS) can be further supported with a mobile application, which is enabled with alerts and notifications. Both administrators and parents will find it pretty useful to communicate. The alerts and notifications are sent to a handy mobile device which is easy to use by both staff and parents. The alerts can be instantly sent in case of issues/emergencies.

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Importance of a GPS Tracking system for School Buses

The technology in logistics and transportation has advanced greatly over the recent years. This has also benefited school bus transport for pupils. For any school the safety of school children is a top priority and so the GPS tracking device can help the school be actively and practically use this.

Installing the right GPS device and software can help the school get all the info they require, such as, driver behaviour rash driving, if a wrong route is being taken or delays. It can also be tailored to serve a wide range of needs for the school authorities.

Advantages of GPS Tracking system for school bus include:

Safety of Students

Every parent would want all possible precautions taken to ensure their child’s safety whether at home, at school or while on the school bus. A GPS device installed on buses can ensure that the school administration have a way to gather all the info they need, minute by minute. Parents too look for such facility when they send their kids to school, with reliable monitoring of arrivals and delays.

Driver Behaviour

Monitoring the school bus driver’s behaviour is a priority for every school, in order to assure the safety of school children. Accidents have happened because of rash driving of drivers. Now, schools can keep a vigilant eye on drivers to detect over-speeding, reckless driving, sudden acceleration, braking and cornering. Even a detour from the route and unnecessary stops, with the device installed on-board the bus\, can be noticed.

Arrival and departure monitoring for parents

One of the most loved features of the GPS tracking system by parents, is the reliable info of arrival and departure of the vehicles. Instead of getting fed up with waiting at a stop point for the school bus for hours, they can schedule their day accordingly. Parents can be relieved of the anxiety and have peace of mind, with the help of this monitoring device working on GPS technology.

Cost Saving tech

The GPS Tracking system undoubtedly helps in reducing the costs of operations of buses for schools. They can cut down on unnecessary fuel, repairs and maintenance, as the GPS device helps improving route efficiency, reduce idle time and prevents misuse of the bus by its drivers. The fleet management system also helps in checking vehicle performance and maintenance needs, reducing maintenance costs.

Enabled with mobile app and alerts

The FMS can be further enhanced with a mobile application, which can be enabled with alerts and notifications. Both the school staff and parents will find it pretty useful, as alerts and notifications are delivered to a mobile device which is handy to use by both staff and parents. The alerts can be instantly sent in case of issues and emergencies. This results in the quick response and action taken.

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Challenges of logistics can be handled better by use of fleet telematics

Logistics and transportation play a crucial role in any economy. In the present scenario this sector is confronting a number of challenges. There is a need for change ant that brings with it both risks and opportunities. Challenges the sector faces include new technology, higher customer expectations, changing business models and new entrants and competition. The growing pressure on the sector is to offer better service at even lower cost.

However, the logistic and transport industry is increasingly using technology to their benefit and improvement. Digital technology has become a boon. Supply chain functions, delivery processes, vehicle management have all become digitally enabled with telematics technology and players in the sector are benefited. The Indian logistics sector has great potential to expand but only with greater adaptation of digitalisation and telematics for better management can make a breakthrough.

Challenges being resolved by the sector.

  • With improved communication infrastructure, connectivity for telematics has been improving constantly along with new technology introduction and innovation.
  • With wider acceptance and usage of more stakeholder, it will improve the economy of scale for the industry.
  • Further improvement is needed in integrating information, transport networking and the warehousing/distribution facilities.

Training of workforce and building a trustworthy team of personnel is another challenge faced by the manpower-oriented sector.

Another challenge is the variety pf rules and regulations of different states and the need for more uniformity, simplicity and focus.

Telematics has brought about a healthy change in the logistic sector and improved fleet management positively. It has the potential to organise the sector better and improve productivity and profitability.

Advantages of telematics include:

  • Tracking the fleets in real-time improves speed, safety and quality of operations.
  • Transportation is improved by better route planning, analysing vehicle performance and better demand forecasting.
  • Improved monitoring of fleet minutiae, such as mileage, idling time, harsh braking, engine behaviour, etc.
  • It helps resolve workforce issues, such as driver training, driver behaviour, performance statistics, etc.
  • It has greatly improved recording of data, of both basic and complex information, like average speed, distances travelled, etc.

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Ignoring fleet safety is dangerous and adhering to it is the need of the hour

Impacts of ignoring Fleet maintenance

Fleet managers and owners always run effective maintenance programmes to keep profitability up, maintain RoI, improve efficiency, keep costs down and maintain fleet safety. The fleet management programme has inbuilt periodical checks and on-going maintenance schedules that have to be adhered to by the concerned staff. It is a good way to optimise resources for the company and to maximise fleet safety for the benefit of employees, customers and other road users. Although this is a simple strategy, ignoring fleet safety could be dangerous and expensive error too.

If vehicles being operated are not roadworthy, or are in poor condition, it could cost the fleet operator a lot of money. If your fleet has poorly maintained vehicles and they stop while on road, you not only spend money on repairs but lose vehicle productivity for the period it is off the road, besides affecting operations. Furthermore, in some situations you could face legal problems and have to pay fines too. So make sure your vehicles are maintained to perform regularly and safely.

Studies State that Telematics technology adoption can reduce maintenance/ repair costs by about 14%. Telematics can have a significant positive impact on a fleet’s overall operating costs. By undertaking a strategic business investment in using Trinetra Fleet Maintenance Software you can maximise bottom-line returns.

Few steps you can take to ensure fleet safety, plus overcome fleet maintenance problems and by adopting a fleet management software.

  • Ensure that drivers follow the traffic rules and regulations; monitor them (using telematics) for driver behaviour; send alerts or notifications to minimise violations and maximise safety of public road users.
  • Ensure the loads are safely secured in transit and vehicles are not overloaded, or maintain the stipulated weight, as it reflects in cost of maintenance too.
  • See that the vehicle’s papers, insurance cover and driver’s papers are all in order, currently.
  • Compliance is followed not because of the threat of sanctions, but as mandatory and for safety of the public using the road.
  • GPS Tracking helps in tyre management, to monitor an expensive and wearable part, to increase tyre life and avoid risks of tyre failure or blowouts, which is a safety issue too.

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Bring Control to the Chaos of Fleet Operations with FMS

We could see many companies struggle managing their fleet operations, to grow your business and stay on top, track your vehicles instantly through advanced GPS facilities. Every fleet manager / operator knows the complexities in operating a fleet of vehicles efficiently and productively, laden with the tasks of proper planning of deliveries / pickups and /or service calls. By using an advanced fleet management software, you can minimize downtime, you could increase fuel efficiency, improve mileage, watch driver safety, smooth running of your vehicles etc seamlessly.

Simple and comprehensive management of day-to-day fleet operations, assigning and planning daily tasks, scheduling routes and drivers, all help to maximize resources utilization and to drive up productivity. Undoubtedly optimized schedules and planned routes, live tracking, geo fencing, facilitates you to keep track of each and every information regarding the fleet.

Benefits of Fleet Operations with FMS

  • Identify and use the most cost-effective route options.
  • Ensure quick response to last minute scheduling changes
  • Accommodate more delivery/calls in real-time.
  • Spend less time in planning routes using updated data available.
  • Optimize on Driver Utilization boost their morale and improve productivity.
  • Reduce mileage of vehicles and thereby save in maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Optimizing routes improves arrivals and delivery, thereby increasing Customer Satisfaction.

With Trinetra FMS you can get rid of Chaos in Fleet Management, besides Get control over your maintenance and service repair processes that can assist you streamline your operations, cut Needless costs and run a better business. The smart fleet management system provides you with the insights required to helps you make better decisions, reduces manual data entry, avoid vehicle downtime, give you on the go access, to run your operations as smoothly as possible. To know more in detail about us, visit us @  or leave us an enquiry and we will get back to you.

Food Safety and profitability of refrigerated trucks depend on temperature monitors

As the consumer goods market expands, more and more refrigerated trucks and trailers move perishable goods and foods on wholesale basis under a clock, which is serious responsibility. As more products are shifted from fields to shelves, an increasing number of people, like farmers, marketers, retailers and restaurants are getting involved in shipping perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products and others.

On one side is the responsibility of food safety and on the other side is the profitability of the operations. Both greatly depend on temperature monitoring! Key to this kind of operation is the monitoring system of temperature sensors set on fleets of refrigerated trucks.

GPS Temperature Monitoring

GPS assisted Temperature monitoring solution helps maintain food safety and quality, and also profitability of the operations for fleet managers/owners. It can be additionally tracked using mobile application.The fleet management system has integrated various monitors to observe and track on many parameters that the operator critically requires to access. The web- based wireless system can be customized and installed to meet the client’s specifications. It provides not only the live temperature status but can also locate each vehicle, in real time position and location online.

Alerts & Notifications

The system can also trigger real-time alerts and notifications if the temperature limits exceed the pre-set limits. The sensors send readings at regular intervals about ongoing temperature updates and enables managers to gain complete control, protect refrigerated cargo and deliver safely everytime.

Vehicle Tracking & Maintenance

The fleet management solution helps fleet managers monitor and track the trip history of each vehicle, and enables access to accurate reports for the whole fleet. The live monitoring on factors like speed or idling time, also assists in better driver assessment & management which also goes to improve the fuel efficiency and maintenance of the fleet.

Maximize productivity

Trinetra fleet management software can help reduce product loss and spoilage of perishable cargo, in compliance to many objectives of the company, standards, regulations and to the cold storage industry. Managers and supervisors can extract reports on vehicle usage, overtime, real time tracking of consignment, delivery efficiency and plan delivery routes, plus identify logistical inefficiencies.

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Get the most out of in-house truck maintenance with wireless monitoring technology.

Fleet owners and managers always need to prioritise and optimise truck maintenance, to get the best ROI and reduce operating costs, on the long run. Types of maintenance approaches include – proactive, predictive and reactive. They also have to consider factors like the fleet size, which influence costs of maintenance. Small fleets may find it economically not feasible to maintain infrastructure and inventory, when considering an in-house truck maintenance facility.

Reactive maintenance is a sort of ‘fire-fighting’ job, as the Fleet Manager responds to concerns currently happening, or those raised by the drivers. At this point, there could be a risk to the vehicle and driver and could lead to downtime of the vehicle (going out of service). So, this approach isn’t advisable.

The right maintenance approach

The right approach is to opt a proactive maintenance approach, which is based on a strict maintenance schedule, where the vehicle is inspected regularly, and repaired if needed, before a problem might actually arise and this will extend vehicle life greatly.

An in-house fleet maintenance system has some good advantages over an outsourced service. The Fleet Manager can set schedules/procedures according the mileage or needs of their vehicles deployed. Control of costs can be with them and a lesser dependence on external vendors can help.

A wireless solution to help maintenance

A wireless monitoring system for fleet management is a boon for in-house truck maintenance. The team can create better schedules, as unlimited number of schedules can be made, to support a proactive approach. If breakdowns increase, rescheduling can be done easily as per the case warrants.

The Fleet Manager can set preferences when scheduling maintenance plans, like for tyre management. Via the system, they can view maintenance history as per vehicle type, plus keep a track on the vehicle’s unplanned service. To help fleet maintenance, some procedures can be automated by the fleet maintenance software, Reminder Alerts can be triggered, like Temperature Alerts, Long Stop Alerts, Speeding Alerts Excess Idle Alerts and Maintenance Status Alerts.

Statistical reports can provide insight for better management of the fleet. Regular feedback can be generated and reports can be customised. It can help track the budgeted cost against actual costs. This will support in taking appropriate business decisions quickly.

Partner with Trinetra Wireless, a reputed fleet management solution provider, to get the most out of your fleet. To find how you can enhance fleet maintenance and to know more, visit, or leave us an enquiry.

Connected vehicles and IOT, fast becoming a reality

The world is getting smaller and more connected, thanks to technologies taking giant strides and that’s changing our lifestyle too. The concept of connected vehicles is fast catching up as more fleet and passenger vehicle stakeholders adopt advanced technologies, owing to various reasons and the generic benefits.

Advancing mobile communication systems and the fast penetration of mobile devices into more geographic regions, across large sections of the population, for personal, social and commercial reasons and usage, have virtually led to a revolution. Hence the IoT factor is fast becoming a reality and as a host of services now get connected to cloud platforms.

Connected transport vehicles

The transport industry has been fast in adopting connected vehicle tech, as it has many benefits to the organisation, be it fleet owners, or logistics companies, operating in the industry. Open platforms are being used at professional levels to revolutionise fleet management capacity. The platforms go beyond just GPS tracking to bring about a more proactive management of the fleet and resources. Vehicles in leasing and rental services have also been benefited by this connectivity.

Using the Cloud and Big Data.

Cloud-based platforms are being increasingly used for various applications and married to devices with connected technologies (including IOT). The data generated in many business operations have been analysed and put to use, thanks to Big Data applications.

In future, this tech usage can contribute to a unique competitive advantage. The increasing automation in most processes can improve critical factors to result in efficiency, productivity and sustainability. The fleet management solution provides an intelligent asset, vehicle monitoring and tracking system, to optimise operations, reduce cost and maximise utilisation.

Smart city objectives in future.

In the future, cities will transform into smart cities, with mostly common objectives of safety, efficiency engagement, equality and sustainability. The integration with remote (IoT) devices is part of that smart city concept.

The objective is to improve safety by reducing accidents and fatalities to reduce emissions and pollution. Monitoring and analysis of road/highway conditions, improve city operations, traffic management, citizen engagement and social interaction besides creating opportunities for all.

Trinetra Wireless, a reputed fleet management solution provider, integrating cloud hosted software with hardware, will meet many of your future objectives with customisation. To extract the best out of your fleets visit, or leave us an enquiry.

Lead the way with Trinetra’s Improved Fleet Fostering

The changing scenario of the current business environment has certainly brought challenges to many players. Fleet owners and managers too are facing a daunting task to foresee the challenges ahead. Here is where Trinetra’s improved fleet fostering features can help fleet owners/managers to get a head start at nipping the bud of issues ahead.

Decision makers and business heads can confidently face future challenges by collaborating with experts and peers of the trade. Trinetra has the resources to assist in fleet management and overcome the challenges ahead proactively.

Cost Reduction Methods.

Controlling costs has been a constant challenge of any big or small fleet operator, year-to-year. A good fleet management platform can identify inefficiencies and wasteful efforts that will lead to help cutting costs pre-emptively. Improving efficiency also leads to fuel cost savings.

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

The system triggers alerts and notifications that are automated, via the platform, to help both mangers and drivers, to increase efficiency and productivity. The platform can assist in monitoring the repair and maintenance history of vehicles and to set proactive reminders. It can generate engine diagnostic alerts to avoid costly repairs and potential breakdowns. Keep up maintenance schedules properly and track vehicle performance parameters live, easily via on-screen interfaces. The vehicle on the move can be tracked and provided best/optimised routes.

Improve Fleet and Driver Safety.

To keep vehicles safe and drivers compliant, are some of the biggest challenges in fleet management. The GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet management system also supports driver safety. By keeping a track on the vehicles’ movement, managers can monitor them for safety requirements, besides related maintenance and repairs schedule. Using the system, check on parameters like speeding, harsh braking, accelerating or cornering, which can be recorded as data, to assess on-road driver behaviour and to help in compliance. Besides checking risky driving behaviour, it also helps to avoid fines and potential accident costs. Ensure protection of assets and safety of drivers via this system. Resolve the failed scheduled inspections quickly, by sending notification and alerts, also by use of mobile apps, as required.

Data Analysis & Administration.

An advanced fleet management system can be helpful in reducing administrative and laborious tasks. The system can gather a large variety of data that can be assimilated and analysed to benefit the company and to automate various functions for better administration.

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Cut extra fuel cost with Fleet management system and improve ROI

We are now in the age where energy became an absolute necessity to maintain day-to-day activities beyond the basics of providing comfort and convenience. Fuel is possibly the priciest expenditures a fleet-based organization encounters.

“A recent survey says that-Engine idling wastes more than six billion gallons of fuel, which translates to over $20 billion each year”

Fuel cannot be obtained easily; it’s also tedious to get and save these valuable forms of energy. So managing fuels has become much crucial for many business organizations, notably organizations employed with fleet vehicles. To comprehend, managing fuels is crucial but how that can be made possible in today’s emerging markets? Is there any solution to manage the fuel consumption? Are you a business owner? Ever worried about your vehicles and its fuel consumption?

As our technology is advancing day-by-day there comes a solution for every business need, to manage vehicles, fuel usage, vehicle maintenance etc., the one stop solution is GPS vehicle tracking system.

Fuel management with Vehicle tracking system

Speed alerts: speeding is the main reason for misuse of fuel. GPS vehicle tracking intellectually notifies with an alert, when fleet drivers surpasses the lawful speed boundary. Both fleet owners and drivers will be notified, and motivate drives to slow down. This helps to make sure that vehicles are operated securely and minimizes the fuel usage.

Unauthorized vehicle usage: GPS tracking allow fleet owners to keep an eye on the usage & site of vehicles; therefore it is unfeasible for a worker to misuse the vehicle without information. RFID readers, Geozone and reporting feature of GPS vehicle tracking system helps to eradicate illegal vehicle usage so higher fuel consumption can be eliminated.

Reduce vehicle idling: idling the vehicle is a needless misuse of fuel. Vehicle tracking system in fleet vehicles notifies when driver left the vehicle idle for a certain volume of time. This feature protects business from significant loss of fuel usage.

Detect shortest travelling path: GPS vehicle tracking system seamlessly assist to reassess the previous trips and address the most economical and effective tracks to be taken by the fleet vehicle. With this information drivers can to plan to take the potential routes that helps to reach customers easily and save fuel.

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