Cut extra fuel cost with Fleet management system and improve ROI

We are now in the age where energy became an absolute necessity to maintain day-to-day activities beyond the basics of providing comfort and convenience. Fuel is possibly the priciest expenditures a fleet-based organization encounters.

“A recent survey says that-Engine idling wastes more than six billion gallons of fuel, which translates to over $20 billion each year”

Fuel cannot be obtained easily; it’s also tedious to get and save these valuable forms of energy. So managing fuels has become much crucial for many business organizations, notably organizations employed with fleet vehicles. To comprehend, managing fuels is crucial but how that can be made possible in today’s emerging markets? Is there any solution to manage the fuel consumption? Are you a business owner? Ever worried about your vehicles and its fuel consumption?

As our technology is advancing day-by-day there comes a solution for every business need, to manage vehicles, fuel usage, vehicle maintenance etc., the one stop solution is GPS vehicle tracking system.

Fuel management with Vehicle tracking system

Speed alerts: speeding is the main reason for misuse of fuel. GPS vehicle tracking intellectually notifies with an alert, when fleet drivers surpasses the lawful speed boundary. Both fleet owners and drivers will be notified, and motivate drives to slow down. This helps to make sure that vehicles are operated securely and minimizes the fuel usage.

Unauthorized vehicle usage: GPS tracking allow fleet owners to keep an eye on the usage & site of vehicles; therefore it is unfeasible for a worker to misuse the vehicle without information. RFID readers, Geozone and reporting feature of GPS vehicle tracking system helps to eradicate illegal vehicle usage so higher fuel consumption can be eliminated.

Reduce vehicle idling: idling the vehicle is a needless misuse of fuel. Vehicle tracking system in fleet vehicles notifies when driver left the vehicle idle for a certain volume of time. This feature protects business from significant loss of fuel usage.

Detect shortest travelling path: GPS vehicle tracking system seamlessly assist to reassess the previous trips and address the most economical and effective tracks to be taken by the fleet vehicle. With this information drivers can to plan to take the potential routes that helps to reach customers easily and save fuel.

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Effective fleet performance measurement with KPI’s

In recent years, as technology progresses vast data has become available for fleet managers to look beyond historical indicators, like fuel economy or accidents per pre-defined miles, and incorporate supporting measures that use vehicle data such as idling, harsh braking or acceleration, speeding, average time at each customer site, revenue per visit, etc. Combining the vehicle maintenance data with businesses strategic customer goals lead to clearly-define KPIs that drive business performance.

Here are the top key performance indicators that support to improve fleet performance

Fuel consumption

Using fuel economy and maintenance as a performance indicator can help fleet managers identify fleets which indicate high fuel consumption with behaviours like speeding and unnecessary idling, etc. so that drivers can be informed ahead to avoid them in future.

Empty Miles

A truck driving back empty to the original point after making a delivery is known as deadheading, and the distance travelled when empty is the empty mileage. Getting a clear picture of empty miles and how fleets are used daily will help fleet managers in planning and optimising asset utilisation and thereby reducing empty miles.

Fleet Utilization

Significant KPI to measure active fleets, showcases how actively fleets are utilized, it compares how much time each unit was inactive and idle.

Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance schedules of fleets are essential for fleet managers. Preventive Maintenance Compliance as a kpi, measures this aspect of fleet management; vehicles within the fleet must be repaired regularly since it lowers long-term maintenance practices, cost, and fleet downtime. This performance indicator gives fleet managers the capability to schedule and undertake maintenance practices on time.

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Is Mobile the Future of Fleet Management?

A recent study says that by 2025, 80 billion devices are predicted to be connected to the internet—a significant increase from the less than 20 billion today

Mobile devices aren’t just used for communication but as tools to manage every aspect of our lives, including our businesses. Unsurprisingly, mobile technology is also converging with the fleet management industry. With more and more companies embracing it to run operations and improve productivity. In fact, mobile applications are forecasted to have an increasingly tighter integration into fleet vehicles, specifically with providing data on health checks, mileage, and vehicle performance.

Key advantages of having mobile for fleet management and becomes the future for a reason

  • Improved response time

A fleet management solution that is mobile-ready, would allow fleet managers to monitor fleets anywhere, anytime. If there is any issue, you will immediately be notified, resulting in a quicker response.

  • Paperless documentations 

Drivers can log their journey, how long they were driving, and other information that fleet managers need to track. Since every detail is stored in the cloud, it can be downloaded anytime, eliminating the need to sort through stacks of papers

  • Less paperwork 

Your drivers will not need to carry a lot of important documents that are prone to being lost. For instance, Mobile apps can capture signatures needed for transactions forms.

  • Increased accuracy 

A centralised system that tracks every step of the process means information would only need to be input once. It decreases the chances of human errors brought by manual data entry and allows you to easily look back on previous transactions and completed jobs. Digital data entry also removes the risk of inaccurate information

  • Simplified maintenance

Integrating vehicle details on mobile apps makes it easier and less time-consuming. Supporting to easily have a look at the current conditions of your vehicles, see any failure trends, and schedule maintenance checks.

With mobile technology affecting and changing the way fleets are operated, business owners now have the opportunity to make fleet management easier and more efficient. Incorporate mobile solutions into your process and watch it increase your bottom-line.

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IoT Implementation strategies for Smart city management

According to a research approximately 70 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by 2050. This rapid urban growth will bring constrains in the existing infrastructure, to accommodate this new demand on cities, municipalities around the globe are turning to the Internet of Things innovation to enhance their services, reduce costs, and improve communication and interaction. The potential is there for IoT to improve nearly every aspect of urban living with the top three IoT applications for smart cities..

Smart Parking

With the help of GPS data from drivers’ smart phones, smart parking solutions determine whether the parking spots are occupied or available and create a real-time parking map. When the closest parking spot becomes free, drivers receive a notification and use the map on their phone to find a parking spot faster and easier

Waste management

IoT-enabled smart city solutions help to optimize waste collecting schedules by tracking waste levels, as well as providing route optimization and operational analytics.Each waste container gets a sensor that gathers the data about the level of the waste in a container. Once it is close to a certain threshold, the waste management solution receives a sensor record, processes it, and sends a notification to a truck driver’s mobile app. Thus, the truck driver empties a full container, avoiding emptying half-full ones.

Street lighting

IoT-based smart cities make maintenance and control of street lamps more straightforward and cost-effective. Equipping streetlights with sensors and connecting them to a cloud management solution helps to adapt lighting schedule to the lighting zone.

Well-designed, Smart city management solution with IoT will reduce investments in development and fasten the implementation of smart city solutions, leaving space for expansion. To know more in detail about IoT solutions for smart city management click here or leave us an enquiry

Jump start deliveries with great ROI tool

Based on a recent study, many fleets started replacing their delivery vehicles due to poor functioning. Fleet tracking technology to vehicle tracking solutions in recent days dramatically increase the cost efficiencies of deliveries.

Efficient fleet management is vital for successful operation of a delivery company which employs vehicles and drivers, and that transports higher volume of goods across the globe. Logistical infrastructure can be one of the greatest asset and is one of an organisations greatest risk areas.

Delivery – a crucial part that plays major role in logistics business and fleet managers in such businesses must be experts and be aware of the condition, whereabouts of every vehicle in their fleet. They require the details of every collection and delivery and must manage each route, driver and cost accordingly. Here is where an effective fleet management comes into its own and serve the purpose better.

Below are the ways that shows how Fleet management solution help businesses gain greater ROI

Reduce downtime: Reducing downtime takes the key role in improving the productivity and profitability of a business. A GPS tracking system will help you make informed decisions and schedule trips more efficiently, thus reducing the downtime of your vehicles and improving better delivery.

Maximize vehicle utilization: Businesses can get the most out of their transportation vehicles by using a GPS tracking system. Fleet managers will be able to use data and analysed reports obtained from the GPS tracking software to eliminate vehicle idle time, reduce over-speeding and decrease fuel consumption improving performance of the vehicle.

Geofencing and Notifications: Spatial fences of all shapes and sizes can be digitally set to restrict vehicles to a set geographic region. Fleet monitoring solution will send alerts to fleet managers when a tracked vehicle enters or leaves a fenced zone. Alerts can also be sent at the push of a button in case of emergencies, so vehicles can be safe under your watch.

The above examples show that keeping in track of delivery vehicles improves performance and drives greater ROI. To know more in detail about vehicle tracking solutions and its cost effective advantages visit or Leave us an enquiry. We will get in touch with you.

Top Benefits of Fleet management

Nowadays, fleet service businesses have revolutionised the way companies globally manage their mobile workforce in order to minimize vehicle investment risks, reduce transportation and staff costs, improve transport efficiency and increase productivity. This results in an overall optimization of the company’s fleet management process.

Fleet management software solutions combine and simplify processes involved with running a fleet. Currently, there are many types of fleet management systems available, each offers different software variations that allow fleet managers to monitor their workforce from a centralised interface.

Here are the top advantages that businesses gain from Fleet management system:

Improved Customer Service

With integrated tracking systems fleet owners get real-time information about the location of their assets. Furthermore, in transporting customer goods/cargo safety is maintained and efficient time planning can be made with estimated time of arrival. This improves overall customer satisfaction.

Fuel Management

Business owners in real-time can monitor where their vehicles or asset is located in order to plan the most convenient route. System also provide traffic updates in a defined frequency which helps to avoid wasting fuel in traffic jams.

Reduced Maintenance costs

Cutting costs associated with vehicle maintenance is possible due to optimized usage of fleet vehicles. Fleet management system send notifications based on time, mileage or other chosen criteria. This helps to act ahead on maintenance.


Uncertainty in transportation business is not beneficial and leads to loss. Fleet management system helps to be more predictable by providing your customers with accurate delivery times, real-time tracking info and other minute details. This shows the business accountability in job closure and customer satisfaction.

Improved Safety

Improves the safety of field personnel by monitoring fleet in real-time. In case of untoward incidents, fleet managers can direct assistance and support to drivers. GPS fleet management systems can also help you implement two-way communication between drivers and fleet managers.

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Ways how IoT empowers Fleet management

Telematics is transforming business operations and customer engagement. Companies that manage fleets started using telematics to collect real-time information such as vehicle behaviour, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and driver insights to increase productivity, reduce expenses, and improve safety.

Telematics industry continue to be more connected, this interconnectivity has given rise to the Internet of Things, or IoT. As IoT technology continues to expand into new areas like healthcare and retail, fleet management is the latest industry to be transformed, connecting vehicles and drivers like never before.

Consider the following ways where connected technology has brought greater efficiencies and improvement to how businesses manage their fleets:

Visibility: Previously, it was not possible for fleet management providers to find out if drivers were making unnecessary stops on their routes, or whether they were driving recklessly, or wasting fuel and so on. But now IoT in fleet management helps to closely monitor the activities of drivers from a remote location, and get an insight into their behaviour and also into the performance of their vehicles.

Deployment: With IoT, fleet managers are able to know the weather, traffic, and road conditions at a particular location and time. This helps them to allocate and deploy their resources drivers and vehicles much more efficiently.

Preventive Maintenance: Businesses can set alerts for maintenance, temperature deviations, tyre wear and tear, so on. You can conduct preventive maintenance to keep your fleet in top condition, and keep them running safely, without incurring delays and sudden expenses because of breakdowns.

Improved accountability: Fleets churn out tremendous amount of information with regard to fuel consumption, tracking speed, miles travelled, utilization of vehicles and so on. Manually monitoring of such information will lead to rise of errors, having IoT in fleet management provide real time access to data and help to analyse it and act on it quickly.

IoT is the way forward not just for fleet management, but for almost all business. Businesses who embrace the technology now, will have an edge over their competition for sure. Are you looking for IoT solution integrators for your business? Trinetra will be your best solution partner. To know more in detail about us visit us @  or leave us an enquiry we will get back to you.

Why it is essential to track dairy products transportation vehicles

In recent days there has been commendable progress in the international scene of cold chain segment. Dairy industry takes a massive part in making up a core part of overall food processing industry. Given its highly perishable nature, dairy is amongst the food groups that requires careful management of supply chain logistics in order to effectively prolong its lifespan, guaranteeing continued freshness by the time it hits supermarket shelves.

Also for business owners it has become important to keep in mind that markets and consumers are more demanding for quality services in all areas, including transportation or merchandise. Transporting goods will become complicated endeavour without monitoring the temperature when it comes to products that are sensitive, such as milk and dairy.

Food Rejection

Do you know? It has been documented and there is a policy that merchandiser /consumer has the rights to reject any product that is in non-consumable condition. So it is important to maintain food products at defined temperature, else the efforts and cost invested will get wasted. This is loss will make a great impact in business reputation.

To overcome such discrepancies and monitor vehicle temperature reefer truck monitoring solution will be the best, if you are a dairy business owner keep in mind the below points

  • Volume
  • Temperature
  • Date and time of receipt
  • Person responsible for receiving
  • Where the product was stored
  • Temperature in reefer truck

Benefits that Dairy business get from GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution:

  • Maximize vehicle utilization
  • Reduce downtime
  • Superior route planning
  • Door open/close status Monitoring
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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Food products transportation vehicle Tracking: Significance and Benefits

The food industry today faces many challenges with transportation, whether you have a few small mobile food carts or a fleet of full-sized food trucks, mobile food distribution assets are crucial for business. In order to keep vehicles safe and to ensure their proper use, owners can take advantage of the many benefits of GPS tracking technology. The system helps in monitoring and evaluating food safety, also every business ‘cutting transportation costs’ will be in the top of the list as far as concerns for the logistics industry.

Here is a snapshot of top advantages that businesses gain from tracking consumer goods transportation vehicles:

Cargo door opening monitoring

Alerts in case of cargo hold door opening at an un authorized location, this not only secures vehicle but also the valuable goods

Work activity monitoring

Actual worked hours can be monitored, as well as the time utilized for the work can be seen with real-time data

Protection of bulk goods

Supports in transporting high value goods and ensures safety within the vehicle, alerts will be sent if any unauthorized vehicle usage is monitored

Tilt counts

Number of tilts can be registered, an operation at an unauthorized location are made visible to the fleet managers

Optimized route management

Analyse the routes taken by your drivers. This data helps to make a comprehensive profit and loss analysis and allocate budget accordingly

Improved communication

Organize drivers and vehicles with Jobs & Workflow, with automatic scheduling of drivers’ work for the day to improve customer communications

Advance tracking and location monitoring function of GPS system will greatly help businesses in achieve benefits, greater ROI and customer satisfaction. To know more in detail about vehicle tracking system and its benefits visit Trinetra or leave us an enquiry, we are ready to assist you.

How Advertisement Vehicle Tracking improves ROI

Importance of Marketing & Advertising for Businesses

Marketing isn’t just an important part of business; it is the business. Everything required for a successful business starts from marketing, it covers a lot of activities that drives business benefits. Significant method of marketing that every business prefers to adapt is advertising. Easy and simple way to grab user attention, brings greater ROI. Way of advertising differs based on business perspective and requirement every business finds its own way in advertising like newspaper ads, television ads, promotions with flyers and adverting through vehicles with company banners.

It’s quiet often that we can see advertisement vehicles in roads, also a recent statistic says.,

  • Among 30 vehicles in a place, 2 are advertisement vehicles
  • 98% of Roadside goers notice brand targeting vehicles
  • 29% said advertising caused them to visit a retail store within a week of seeing the ad

Now, it’s clear that marketing via advertising help businesses gain higher market reach, increase brand awareness and improved ROI.

Have you ever thought that your advertisement vehicle is taking the correct routes to reach customers?

Is your driver taking appropriate paths and leaving the vehicle for defined time?

What happens if the vehicle idles in a same place for the whole day? Will it be useful?

Or leaving the vehicle in peak areas for particular time will be useful?

It’s obvious making the vehicle visible in crowded areas in peak hours will grab attention and make people to think on it. This method also brings right target audience. Tracking of such crucial vehicles are important for business to bring better outcome.

Advantages that businesses gain from tracking advertisement vehicles

  • Reach wider Audience
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Minimal downtime
  • Optimize resources & routes
  • Maximize vehicle utilization
  • More predictable
  • Increase the number of trips
  • Locate your assets
  • Be competitive

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