Why IoT based Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Monitoring is important in healthcare Industry

Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Monitoring

Every year there is a huge amount of investment in the health care industry, however if the products are not maintained properly then there will be a loss in this business. After the pandemic, tracking and monitoring pharmaceuticals has become very crucial.

With advanced technologies, we can monitor the temperature of the product and with GPS tech we can track the location of the transport vehicle and share real-time information Theft can be prevented when the vehicle is being tracked and the products are being monitored till the shipment process gets completed.

Maintaining the required level of temperature for medical products is essential in many cases. When sensitive products like medicines are stored or transported, we have to consider important parameters such as moisture and temperature as the factors play a vital role in the pharma supply chain. To secure the products the product must be transported in containers.

Role of IOT in healthcare industry

With IoT tracking of large amount of medical supplies is made easy. With the help of tracking software, we can track lot of medical products in timely manner. We can also track the location of the vehicle and it can be verified with concerned driver. IOT sensors also help in preserving organs being transported and help maintain at a specific temperature. IOT based monitoring helps avoid spoilage of many other medical equipment and drugs. Temperature tracking and humidity tracking in the cold chain will lead to better shipment quality and improves customer satisfaction. The healthcare industry can get exact delivery schedules of the transported items with help of IOT-solutions,

Delivering product or equipment on time is necessary. If a patient is in a critical condition and he/she needs drugs or medical equipment like ventilator, oxygen cylinder, the equipment should reach within a given time, then the life of a patient can be saved. Every minute is valuable in the health care industry, so delivering products at right place at the right time can save human life.

If you are looking for an application to streamline the pharmaceutical delivery system, just contact our expert team.

Benefits of Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software

Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software

Understanding a customisable, reliable Fleet Management System software with telematics and GPS tech is essential for any company that wants to streamline its operations and sustain a profitable business. It equally applies for enterprises and contractors in the large-scale construction industry. This industry uses a lot of heavy and mobile equipment, such as earth-movers, cranes, dumpers, RMC trucks, etc. Effectively managing expensive and depreciating assets is critical for ROI.

However, managing a fleet of expensive assets is a challenge in itself, especially so in the large-scale construction business.

So, the stakeholders and managers need a totally reliable fleet management service software that will help them to complete all the needs with regard to managing their fleet of vehicles expensive assets and mobile heavy equipment. Efficiency and productivity are criteria, as constructuion firms work on thin margins. The efficiency benefit is also associated with cost savings. Staying on top of vehicle maintenance, for example, will help to avoid costly repairs and downtime which will affect productivity.

Streamline use of Assets

Fleet management programme use data to improve the way assets can be used efficiently and cost effectively in the long run. Get reports on vehicle maintenance scheduling, routes, fuel consumption and other information. For example, find better routes or switch schedules when a pattern of heavy traffic is seen in one particular route. If vehicles are not brought in for scheduled service, the software will detect it as preventive maintenance averts avoidable downtime. It can track the life span of assets as many are heavy machinery used in construction sites. The software and updated data can be accessed from multiple devices.

Meeting Types of Compliance

The construction industry has to be aware and deal with a list of regulations and government mandates. It may be regarding transportation of hazardous goods, heavy equipment or materials. The application ensures proper documentation, renewals, certificates, licenses, etc. for all vehicles and equipment new and old. A built-in feature like reminders and notifications, ensure you don’t miss key processes. Accurate track of documents and files helps in essential legal matters and insurance claims and non-compliance.

Reducing Costs

Fleet management software is also associated with coat-effective decision making Scheduling Vehicle Maintenance helps to avoid costly repairs and downtime. A fuel consumption tracking report helps to find potential in fuel saving by monitoring efficient driving and idling time situations.

Safety of Assets & People

Visibility of assets with GPS enabled tracking helps to keep safe your vehicles and personnel on the job. The latest fleet management software also provides data for safety. The Fleet Management System (FMS) software with location tracking can trigger alerts when detecting discrepancies, like dangerous driving habits, to prevent fuel wastage, accidents and ensure fleet vehicles and people reach destinations safely.

Trinetra’s solution is a reliable Fleet Management System software using telematics technology and Data Analytics. Construction comanies can track individual vehicles in a mixed fleet, detecting all stops and idling to prevent diversions or non-compliance. With telematics in the software also helps in driver management and is  scalable. Use the right fleet management software supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle data diagnosis. EFffectively check on inefficiencies, regulatory compliance and also your fleet’s safety, security and reliability. A ‘Demo’ can be arranged for those interested to assess the FMS software solution at their convenience.

Effective tips for Commercial Truck Maintenance using Fleet Management software

Commercial Truck Maintenance using Fleet Management software

Maintaining the truck in good condition is very important whether it’s old truck or new truck the quality of the vehicle must be in proper condition. Fleet management software helps optimize operations and make the monitoring process very simple. By using our FMS application, Transporters, Fleet Owners can easily manage the fleet and its maintenance processes.

Here, apart from fleet tracking there are so many useful features like Fleet maintenance, GPS vehicle tracking system, Vehicle Routing system, Enhanced security and extensive reports to support with business operation.

The effective Tips for Commercial Truck maintenance are listed below.

Inspection of vehicles

The Initial step is to make sure that vehicles are suitable for the job assigned. If the trucks are used for commercial purposes, ensure that the vehicle is right for do the tasks. Truck will travel on highways or in rural roads to avoid breakdowns, the regular monitoring and preventive measures of the truck is essential.

IOT in fleet management

An IOT based fleet management application helps user to capture & share critical insights. Based on the type of requirement IOT provide assistance in tracking and monitoring the vehicle with the exact location and relevant data. By using IOT in Fleet Management the transportation business can reduce the expenditure and improve the profit efficiently.

Engine Oil Change

The Engine oil makes the vehicle parts to move smoothly so that the damages will be at minimum level. It should be changed at regular Intervals. The Fleet manager should know the details of the component, maintain the records of the required component for the fleet vehicle which is ready for servicing or after servicing also the records must be kept properly. With the help of fleet management software, you will receive the notifications for oil change, repairing of engine, filter replacement etc.

Fleet managers can find out the preventive measures that need to be taken and tracked data’s like fuel consumption, kilometers, date, and hours by installing this software. The Fleet managers can plan the dates accordingly so that the money and time is saved. The majority of the modern fleet tracking devices helps in monitoring the performance of fleet vehicles, which can eradicate unplanned repairs. When a problem occurs, vehicle on board diagnostic application which will alert the fleet manager about which service is required for the vehicle.

Maintenance of Tire

The primary part of any vehicle is tire, so it is very important to take a look on the tire. By using the fleet management software, we can check the pressure of the tire. Checking tread depth on a regular basis is the main task in the maintenance of the truck. This will help Fleet managers avoid tire burst, improves tire life and   thereby reduce sudden breakdowns or road accidents.

Telematics Solution enhances safety of Hazards Chemical Tanker Trucks & Drivers

Telematics solutions for hazardous vehicles

Safe & secure transportation is critically important for vehicles transporting chemical and gas tankers. Fleet Management System installation in vehicles allows cargo operations company to maximize the effectiveness of their fleets. Investing in telematics technology help fleet managers to monitor driving behaviour, locate vehicles in real-time and help you could protect your workers, protect your valuable equipment and keep tab on real-time field activities.

Extensive monitoring with Telematics technology can track fleets to ensure the best utilization of assets. Carriers that carry hazardous goods are more prone to accident than the movement of other goods. Incorporating best practices for transport of Flammable liquids, Gases, Toxic substances can reduce the risk.

Telematics Solutions for Vehicles Transporting hazardous nature Goods

Prioritizing safety by Monitoring Driver Behaviour:

  • Metrics such as sudden speed, acceleration, brake rates and engine idling times are recorded and reviewed, to correct risky driving behaviours.
  • Gives data insights to monitor driver fatigue level and avoid major risks for all drivers while on road.
  • Enables fleet managers to communicate directly with drivers and ensure they’re safe and complying with regional standards in practice.

Prioritizing safety through Vehicle Maintenance:

A healthy vehicle is critical to safety, GPS broadens visibility and deepens knowledge on the security of people’s lives and property.

  • Regular vehicle servicing is one of the most vital tasks when managing a fleet, by keeping track of maintenance performed on your equipment you could fix any potential issues early on, and prevent unplanned downtime.
  • With our connected video and asset telematics solution you could keep things running smoothly and safely.
  • Set up an alert for a vehicle or asset entering a Geo location, detect any “out-of-bounds” activity or unauthorised use.

With our fleet solution you can get complete visibility of performance and problem areas within your operations and make fast decisions at times of need. Fleet managers can rely on our telematics asset tracker to accurately measure the efficiency and minimise the expenses associated with repairs and downtime.  Schedule a free demo  with our knowledgeable team and learn more about our how to get the most out of our fleet management system .

Increase School Bus Fleet Maintenance with Telematics Software

School Bus Fleet Maintenance with Telematics Software

In an increasingly competitive environment apart from providing valuable education, offering excellent pickup and drop off facilities through their fleet of buses benefits educational institutions. Studies reveal that 75% schools rely on fleet management software or vehicle telematics to track the live location of buses and monitor the entire bus ride.

Trinetra Fleet Management Software is designed to simplify day to day fleet operations and look into the maintenance of vehicles, and much more. Both schools & colleges operating transport vehicles with GPS fleet can benefit greatly by keeping an eye on all significant factors.

With GPS vehicle tracking system Educational Institutions can improve student safety & reduce operative costs in numerous ways. To manage easily and painlessly modernise your school bus fleet with 100% digital solution. Keep reading the article to know how a telematics system can help your institution fleet improve student safety, gain insight into utilization and spending.

Real-time Tracking

GPS real time tracking is especially useful for keeping buses on-route.  In case a vehicle breaks down then you can find a nearby vehicles and send for immediate support. Further to it, vehicle dispatchers can keep a constant watch on the vehicle while they travel to school or back home.

Route Optimization

With route optimization, the drivers of the vehicles can choose the best route that is time and fuel saving.  Admin can add or delete the routes according to the demand, plan most optimized route, so that children need not undergo long travel.

Student Safety

Quickly tell the parents / guardians about their kid’s whereabouts, as it can be constantly tracked and followed as it moves. Alert Notifications will be sent to parents to know details on when the bus will come to pick up their child and when they can expect a drop-off.

Automated Maintenance Schedule

By utilizing the distance covered data and the duration you could plan for regular maintenance and thereby avoid expensive breakdowns.  Centralised fleet management system will help stakeholders to gain insight on service due in real-time and track compliance. Above all, helps cut down fuel costs and unnecessary wear and tear.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Enables education vehicle fleet manger to identify and fix driving issues that incurs extra expenses. By analysing driver’s driving patterns and by educating accordingly, you can increase your vehicle’s durability and reduce fuel consumption.


It records various details & generates various reports that can be used for save on costs associated with several small operations.

A reliable solution is paramount to increase fleet efficiency and help reduce operational costs. Trinetra’s GPS vehicle tracking system addresses parental concerns and school policies.  To know more book for a demo today.

How Trinetra fleet management provided a solution to Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) Trucks

GPS Fleet Tracking system for Ready Mix Concrete Trucks

The construction and transportation industries are major contributors to the development and growth of a nation. These industries have their own trials and challenges, but engineering and technology has been able to put the industry into a growth path.

The Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) industry is growing.

The ready mix concrete trucks used in the construction industry have now a potential market, supplying to contractors and builders across the whole country. However, the RMC industry has to optimise operations and cut cost to be a viable and profitable business in the long run. Therefore, there is a need to monitor and control the deployment of ready mix concrete trucks and fleets by the owners/operators.

This is where technology comes to play a vital role in managing operations of a fleet of ready mix concrete trucks, for making better margins and timely, efficient delivery. A fleet management system, like the one supplied by Trinetra wireless, is one such tech solution being offered to the RMC business.

The software helps in reducing costs and in optimised route planning of the RMC delivery vehicles. It also helps in addressing supply chain monitoring, job scheduling and order management, with real-time monitoring with alerts generated for vehicles and comes with geofencing features.

Advantages of the RMC Fleet Management Solution.

Trinetra fleet management system (FMS) helps users to evaluate the performance of the RMC vehicles and also increase visibility, helping to reduce operation cost.

  • Fleet Owners/Operators can store and retrieve Vehicle Maintenance History, such as Vehicle Servicing related Information, and can access the data via the app.
  • Driver behaviour can be monitored and driver related data can be stored in our web application, which can be referred to in future to gain data insight on Driver’s behaviour.
  • Continuously track your Vehicle/Fleet with the in-built GPS tracking device, using the Web Dashboard or and also the Mobile App.
  • Vehicle related Documents can be maintained, such as Insurance, FC, etc. and alerts for expiry can be triggered via the app.
  • Trip details such as Total Distances, Idling Times, Start-Stop Points, etc. can be monitored and stored, along with location, to generate reports. Increase vehicle efficiency by optimizing your operations based on this and past data.

Our solutions for clients come in a customisable, reliable Fleet Management System software with telematics technology and Data Analytics. Users can track individual vehicles in a mixed fleet, detecting unnecessary stoppages and idling time, all easily. Prevent diversions or non-compliance too. The telematics in this solution also helps in driver management. Here’s the right FMS software supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle data diagnosis to effectively check inefficiencies and regulatory compliance. Ensure your fleet’s safety, security and reliability.

A ‘Demo can be arranged for those interested to assess the fleet management software solution at convenience.

Tips for saving on fuel cost with Telematics Solution

Tips for saving on fuel cost with Telematics Solution

With the recent fuel prices rise, every fleet manager now wants to cut fuel cost and save money. For this to happen Fleet Owners / Managers need to install Telematics technology solution that provides vehicle and asset tracking solutions that gives their businesses the tools they need to improve fleet management, increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

  • One undeniable fact every fleet manager accept is using Telematics technology solution that helps increase fuel efficiency and saves fuel costs.
  • Besides, ensuring to follow some basic practices can help you save a significant amount of money. For this, all you need to do is make sure you keep monitoring your operation at all times.

As the technology continues to advance, fleet-based businesses need to adopt these new technological enhancements that leaves a large impact on overall business operations. Remote diagnostic capabilities of telematics technology make it easy to remotely monitor and track real-time usage-based data.

Data Points to Manage fuel cost are as follows

  • Knowing the best routes using telematics solution plays a key role in reducing fuel use. Compare fuel spend per route and determine the best routes to save fuel cost.
  • Vehicle driver behavior monitoring with telematics devices unlocks valuable insights on driver’s driving patterns such as frequent stops, idle time, speeding, rapid acceleration, braking etc., that saves fuel and better cares the vehicle.
  • Monitoring Diagnostics trouble codes can help you determine and correct asset issues early to keep your fleet operating efficiently.
  • Identifying & eliminating excessive or unnecessary idling using telematics platform can cut a have a massive impact on your fuel bill.
  • Well-maintained vehicles engines, properly inflated tyres help you identify small problems before they become big ones to keep your engines in top condition.

In addition, to implementation of the above utilizing GPS tracking services can assist you map out the shortest, most efficient routes, get notification on speeding alerts and decrease fuel spent by up to 30%.  To get visual reports that get you better visibility of your fleet and pay attention to areas that can control fuel cost spent leverage Trinetra Fleet Management Solutions. Sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo today.

How is GPS enabled FMS better than OEM’s inbuilt tracking device?

Benefits of Fleet Management Software

Most fleet operators and logistics companies who seek ways and means to save money and time for their business, now resort to telematics and software applications, as it does make a big difference to productivity and profitability

In fact, telematics software is now a recommended tool in fleet management, owing to the benefits accruing for vehicle maintenance, security, and fuel efficiency. On the other hand, OEM telematics too is fast becoming a norm. OEMs are adopting telematics technology by embedding telematics devices in the vehicle they manufacture in their plants.

Advantages and challenges for OEMs

Embedded telematics has advantages, such as in vehicle insurance benefits. OEM telematics provide high level of data and monitoring of vehicle health and the sensors and functions are incorporated directly into the vehicle or engine. Smartphone connectivity with in-built communication equipment, on the driver dashboard, with an interface that provides alerts or failure warnings, would thereby improve driver involvement.

However, there are some issues involved in OEM telematics that make it rather appropriate for certain types of vehicles or fleets and not for all. It may not be suitable for a mixed fleet with various makes and models. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ offering cannot match to operators’ individual requirements. Uncertainty exists in the domains of data ownership and privacy as this strategy evolves. An aftermarket telematics installation has terms and conditions clearly defined.

How the Fleet Management Solution is the better option

The telematics provided by the fleet management solution provider is a complete solution and not just value addition by an OEM. Apart from vehicle tracking and monitoring, the solution focuses on the ROI it can offer to the user or fleet operator. OEMs will focus only on the vehicle primarily and not offer extra options and high customisation. The FMS solution on the other hand provides 99% customisation, which will be supported too, depending on the needs. Unlike fleet management solution providers, OEMs cannot provide dedicated personnel available for 24×7 support, specifically for GPS vehicle tracking applications. The fleet management solution also provides good vehicle diagnosis and mobile app integration to customers.


Trinetra Wireless offers a customisable, reliable Fleet Management System software with  telematics technology and Data Analytics. Track each vehicle in a mixed fleet, identifying unnecessary stoppages, idling time easily and prevent diversions or non-compliance. Selecting the right fleet management software supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle data diagnosis, the software ensures safety, security and reliability to effectively address inefficiencies and regulatory compliance.

We shall arrange a ‘Demo for  interested persons to evaluate our FMS software at their convenience. Just contact our BD team to kick-off a useful partnership.

How GPS vehicle tracking helps in the monitoring of your cold chain logistics

GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions for the Cold Chain Industry

Over the past many years cold chain management has gained importance in logistics and transportation as our lifestyle has undergone a paradigm shift. The cold chain is a supply chain where temperature control is a critical factor for the shipments in roadways involved. This temperature controlled system involves refrigerated production, storage and distribution. It is supported by facilities, equipment and vehicles that can constantly maintain controlled temperature and conditions uninterrupted.

Why monitoring is critical

Usually suppliers of the cold chain may require to track certain specific types of information regarding temperature or humidity, depending on the type of products they manufacture. The info on temperature and other environmental parameters, like humidity level, can affect the quality and condition of the particular roadway shipment type. GPS technology has been used in monitoring, helping to transmit and receive critical data in real-time. Analysing this data, suppliers and transporters can audit their supply chain process to identify incidents and activities that result in inefficiencies. This is where data logging can be used to make the monitoring and management of the cold chain easier.

Using GPS tech

Transport companies rely on GPS tech to keep a track of shipments in roadways in real-time. This helps them to keep clients informed about the progress of their consignments in transit. In the case of refrigerated truck, temperature sensitive products actually don’t last forever. Therefore, delays in delivery have an impact on the business leading to losses as in the case of certain pharmaceutical and food products.

To ensure the safety and compliance needed in cold chain assets involved in transport and storage, a reliable cold chain temperature monitoring system is vital. Cold chain monitoring telematics devices, combine GPS tacking technology and sensors to ensure critical assets are always monitored and kept in safe condition during transport. Integration of devises with capabilities to monitor temperature humidity and moisture for both indoor and outdoor asset tracking, with detailed fleet management, driver behaviour monitoring and with theft and retrieval solutions is a boon for transport and logistics companies.

Last mile delivery

Many customers like to conveniently get their orders delivered at the doorstep instead of going to the local depot or store to get the products. Transporters are now responding to this need by offering an added service of last mile delivery, which can be tracked with GPS technology. This is the final step in the product’s journey that starts from the warehouse shelf to the consumer’s doorstep.

GPS supply chain management is a solution that is an effective supply chain tool to help better visibility, punctuality and certainty of delivery of supplies. In cold chain supply management, it’s important to know the role of human resources. Qualified staff must be employed for cold chain logistics to be successful, involving storage, packaging, handling, condition monitoring and transport.


For cold chain logistics we offer a customisable, reliable fleet management software with telematics technology and Data Analytics. The right fleet management software supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle diagnosis data, ensures safety, security and reliability up to the last mile delivery.

We’ll arrange a ‘Demo’ for  interested persons to evaluate our GPS vehicle tracking software solutions at their convenience. Just contact our Business Development team to initiate a useful partnership.

What metrics can measure the success of your fleet ?

fleet management performance metrics

If you have a fleet management software supporting your fleet business, then you will be handling a horde of data and metrics that are generated every day. It could be overwhelming and may not even benefit you sometimes. That’s why you should choose the metrics that really can measure your fleets success. There are a few Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should watch out for.

Measure Your Maintenance

Tracking your fleet’s scheduled versus the unscheduled maintenance is critical. This is because it will show how proactive you have been instead of reactive, in maintenance, and which affects your costs over a period of time. The FMS software is a great support here.

If you can have 60 to 70 percent of your maintenance schedule gets done, it means that you are on track with your preventive maintenance plan. This benchmark shows that you are bringing in the vehicles for service in time, as per schedule, for trouble-free extension of life. This will save you money in operations, which you may incur in unexpected breakdowns.

Measure Maintenance Cost per Kilometre

Another way to measure the success of your fleet is by maintenance cost per kilometre. The lesser you spend per kilometre on maintenance, the better performing is your fleet. Your fleet may not hit the best mark, but the closer you come the better for you. So, the metrics here are critical.

By knowing this cost you will know how it will affect your profit & loss statement and help you determine what changes to make and when. As the maintenance cost increases you get to know that the asset is too costly to keep. Thus, it can help you to decide on when to replace fleet vehicles, cost effectively.

Measure you Fuel Costs

Fuel is what keeps your fleet literally running and one of the major ongoing costs incurred for your fleet operation. Monitoring fuel costs helps you to manage expenses with the help of the centralised software application. Fuel efficiency involves, both in monitoring fuel consumption, as well as improving driver performance and route mapping.

Measure Safety & Driver Behaviour

One of the top priorities for a fleet manager is safety, just as costs and maintenance are. Setting the KPIs surrounding safety and driver behaviour helps you ensure safety of vehicles, drivers and public on the road. The number of incidents should be closest to zero as possible, but sometimes accidents are inevitable. Telematics helps fleet managers to monitor driver behaviour and can set the parameters to measure. Retraining drivers on safe driving habits and setting safety procedures can ensure safety to a great extent, besides preventing violations and fines.

To Conclude

Trinetra Wireless offers such a customisable, reliable FMS software with  telematics technology and Data Analytics. The software enabled with GPS tech will help you to track each fleet vehicle, unnecessary stoppages and idling time.  Prevent diversions  and keep to the planed delivery route. Supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle diagnosis data, the app ensures safety, security and reliability. Data generated here helps to review, track, innovate and improve operations. It helps those transporters taking up contracts to ship perishables, medical supplies and sensitive FMCG goods and in meeting given specifications on the controlled environment for shipping some products.

This software system has modules to monitor both a supply chain and a cold chain. It can be integrated with other systems used in your logistics or fleet business. The web-hosted system, accessible online, can analyse the data, to convert it into valuable and insightful information even for reefer truck operators. Choosing the right fleet management software will effectively address inefficiencies, regulatory compliance and insurance costs. Identify non-compliance and other discrepancies quickly, and enable strategic decision-making for corrective action, problem solving and improving your ROI.

We shall arrange a ‘Demo for  interested persons to evaluate our fleet management software at their convenience. Just contact our BD team to kick-off a useful partnership.

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