Benefits of Route Planning

December 16, 2014

Benefits of Route Planning

Every fleet manager knows the complexity of assigning daily tasks and planning routes for their drivers. Even though they are aware of their drivers’ efficiency and productivity, effective route planning is crucial. A GPS vehicle tracking system offers a myriad of benefits for fleet managers. Below are a few key advantages, including optimized routing to reduce fuel consumption and overtime costs by providing drivers with efficient routes and well-balanced schedules.

Better Business Through Effective Planning

Each driver has a list of tasks or jobs in their designated location and completing these tasks within the allocated time is critical. A GPS vehicle tracking solution enables fleet managers to plan their drivers’ travel routes effectively to ensure on-time job completion. This system records all assigned tasks and provides drivers with fuel-efficient routes. Drivers also receive turn-by-turn navigation with the option for real-time traffic updates and alternate route planning, allowing them to save both time and fuel.

Eliminating Inefficiencies

Without the proper routing, drivers may choose job sites in an inefficient manner, increasing fuel consumption and overtime costs while reducing productivity and customer satisfaction. The best way to address these issues is by utilizing a centralized GPS vehicle tracking system to optimize schedules for drivers. This enables them to complete their tasks efficiently and quickly, resulting in increased productivity and satisfied customers.

Fleet Location Management

With a GPS vehicle tracking system, fleet managers can easily track drivers and ensure that jobs are completed efficiently without unnecessary detours. Features such as Geozone and landmarks allow fleet managers to monitor their drivers’ whereabouts easily. Instant alerts are generated if a vehicle enters a landmark not on its planned route. With these features, fleet owners will experience improved productivity and reduced operational costs.

Improving efficiency is the key to taking your fleet to the next level.

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