Do Conglomerate industry really need GPS tracking?

December 01, 2016

Do Conglomerate industry really need GPS tracking1

Diversification is a growth strategy that some corporations prefer to involve themselves into new industries and to expand their operations. Conglomerate is one of its kind of diversified industry, it is a cluster of different / seemingly unrelated businesses. In a conglomerate, one company have the controlling stake for the number of smaller companies, which conduct business separately, these conglomerates will also have large organizations engaged in multiple business lines within the industrial sector.

Many businesses choose a conglomerate strategy to stabilize sales and profits as these strategies exhibit several defining characteristics. If the conglomerate consists of businesses that deals with fleet vehicles will have many pitfalls with regard to monitoring the vehicle and its maintenance etc., Fleet managers of conglomerate industries face a clutch of difficult challenges every day, they started to realize technology has now advanced to the point where many of their challenges can be solved. If these kind of industries have a GPS Vehicle tracking system in place, then those pitfalls can be easily arrested. So it is has become significant for the conglomerate industry have Vehicle tracking to track and monitor their fleet vehicles.

Here we have listed the reasons that explain why a conglomerate industry really need GPS Tracking system:

Improved Driver Behaviour

Without relying on manual timesheets, automated system Helps to know exactly when the employees start work, how long they take for lunches and breaks, and when they stop working for the day. GPS Tracking system provides an accurate and verifiable timesheet, which helps to avoid unintentional errors.

Better Customer Service

With fleet tracking solutions businesses can incorporate a number of features that helps to improve customer service. Better routing and dispatching helps them to get customers more quickly and also be able to determine when the vehicle will arrive for a job and when it left. Thus provides accurate and verifiable proof of services.

Active vs. Passive Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking system provides real-time active tracking and gives timely information to make on-demand management decisions. This system also provides passive support and helps in taking reports at regular intervals.


  • Efficient Fleet management increases visibility of the vehicles
  • Create & manage driver profiles & schedules
  • Receive alerts from fleets in case of emergency
  • Track vehicles anytime, anywhere using a PC or a Mobile
  • Route scheduling and planning for efficient deliveries
  • Load management allows the client to arrange goods based on the delivery schedules
  • Fleet maintenance will eliminate complete paper work and automated alerts brings monitoring and controlling services of the closely.

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