Efficient ways for tyre management with GPS

November 06, 2015

Efficient ways for tyre management with GPS

Besides every part in the vehicle, tyre undergoes a lot of wear and tear and it is also considered as one of the most expensive spares. The Tyre Management feature has been developed by keeping the importance of managing tyres in mind for an efficient fleet vehicle management. When used in combination with GPS vehicle tracking Tyre Management solutionprovides an accurate data about the distance travelled by each tyre, remaining life time in each tyre etc.,

When considering the expenses related to vehicle maintenance, tyres usually count for around 20% of the total costs; it goes without having a proper tyre management program in place which is essential to run a fleet efficiently.

GPS tracking system for Tyre management improves accuracy and increases efficiency, by deploying GPS tracking system fleet managers can expect to see the following benefits

Improved Safety
Automatic updates ensure vehicle operators to safely respond to changes in tyres as they happen by reducing the risk of tyre failures and dangerous blowouts.

Enhanced Accuracy
Continuous, automated monitoring and reporting reduces the possibility of human error and induced valve core leaks during airing up and down.

Fuel Savings
For every tyre on your vehicle underinflated by 10 per cent, will give 1 per cent increase in fuel consumption. Maintaining proper tyre inflation ensures to save maximum fuel usage.

Environmental Economy
Underinflated tyre cause vehicles to experience decreased fuel economy by releasing excess CO2 into the atmosphere. Further, tyre failures that occur due to improper inflation result in increased tyre replacements.

Decreased Downtime and Maintenance
Reduces the time it takes to perform manual pressure checks and eliminates uncertainty by measuring tyre pressure. Operating at optimum levels also minimizes problems and unplanned downtime.

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