Fleet Management System simplifies Driver Management

May 30, 2017

Fleet Management System simplifies Driver Management

A recent fleet management survey reveals, approximately 6% of all fleet vehicles are involved in a collision each year. Many of these collisions could be prevented by monitoring & improving driver performance. Better understanding of how drivers are utilizing the vehicles on a day-to-day basis is a key factor in fleet decision making process. Driver Management System smartly monitors driver behaviour and allows fleet owners to have control over them.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System with Driver Management feature will make driver’s time behind the wheels much safer and secure. Here are the ways how.

  • Provides accurate speed information about each vehicle tracked, when drivers exceed a set of speed limit 70 MPH. Then, each time your vehicle is tracked going 71 MPH or faster, you will receive an alert through text message and / or e-mail
  • In case if your vehicle is stolen, GPS vehicle tracking system helps to get it back fast and know where your vehicle is currently now.
  • Whether your driver is 2 hours late and they aren’t answering their phone, you can easily track the driver behaviour / activities and act upon accordingly
  • If the driver is unfamiliar with the route to the destination, GPS vehicle tracking system helps him to find the right way to reach the destination. Digital Mapping feature with Google Maps support help drivers to quickly locate their way in case they’re lost
  • Effective Driver Fatigue & Accident Management allows you to reduce the risk of work related injuries and helps to save driver’s life
  • Performance-driven incentive schemes encourage drivers to be productive and increase performance. Demerit points will be assigned automatically for driver violations
  • Drivers with expired license can be easily identified and replaced for better driving dynamics
  • Using Driver Identification Readers and Driver Identification smart keys, you can quickly identify which driver is operating the vehicle, distance travelled or hours driven by a particular driver, adherence of trips and much more

Trinetra offers effective driver management system for your business challenges to maximize driver’s performance, manage incentives based on driver ratings and improve driver behaviour. Trinetra’s GPS Vehicle Tracking & Driver Management Software provides Specialized Solutions to monitor the driver behaviour, identify driver inefficiencies, enhanced vehicle security & driver safety.

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