Fleet tracking to improve customer service

2014 17, 2014

Fleet tracking to improve customer service

In modern days investment in GPS Tracking has become imperative for companies that depend on fleets. No doubt, installation of vehicle tracking system will improve fleet productivity, safety and company’s operations. This fleet tracking system lets fleet manager to get insight across vehicles operations and take necessary actions to make your fleet more productive.

GPS vehicle tracking system gives your business the power to know the whereabouts of your delivery vehicle and streamline supply chains to optimize performance and efficiency. Further it allows driver to make real-time routing decisions that reduce fuel usage, speed up response times and improve customer service.

In the fleet industry, lack of visibility of vehicles and inefficient navigation make it difficult to respond customer requests and traffic delays. With Trinetra fleet tracking system installed in your vehicle you can at any point in time keep customers informed on time of delivery by choosing optimized routes, drastically reduce the rate of accidents by monitoring unsafe driving behaviors, reduce vehicle idling time by verifying the vehicles time spent on site, schedule reminders on maintenance service to improve efficiency.

GPS tracking has revolutionized the way of business being done. Benefits of adopting this include

  • Quick response time to customer emergency
  • Efficient routing to minimize fuel usage
  • Get instant alerts & notifications on vehicle idling
  • Provide accurate delivery estimates
  • Get driving directions on the go
  • reduce operating costs in the long run
  • Graphical Reports for quick analysis & decision making

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