Food products transportation vehicle Tracking: Significance and Benefits

Apr 12, 2018

The food industry today faces many challenges with transportation, whether you have a few small mobile food carts or a fleet of full-sized food trucks, mobile food distribution assets are crucial for business. In order to keep vehicles safe and to ensure their proper use, owners can take advantage of the many benefits of GPS tracking technology. The system helps in monitoring and evaluating food safety, also every business ‘cutting transportation costs’ will be in the top of the list as far as concerns for the logistics industry.

Here is a snapshot of top advantages that businesses gain from tracking consumer goods transportation vehicles:

Cargo door opening monitoring

Alerts in case of cargo hold door opening at an un authorized location, this not only secures vehicle but also the valuable goods

Work activity monitoring

Actual worked hours can be monitored, as well as the time utilized for the work can be seen with real-time data

Protection of bulk goods

Supports in transporting high value goods and ensures safety within the vehicle, alerts will be sent if any unauthorized vehicle usage is monitored

Tilt counts

Number of tilts can be registered, an operation at an unauthorized location are made visible to the fleet managers

Optimized route management

Analyse the routes taken by your drivers. This data helps to make a comprehensive profit and loss analysis and allocate budget accordingly

Improved communication

Organize drivers and vehicles with Jobs & Workflow, with automatic scheduling of drivers’ work for the day to improve customer communications

Advance tracking and location monitoring function of GPS system will greatly help businesses in achieve benefits, greater ROI and customer satisfaction. To know more in detail about vehicle tracking system and its benefits visit Trinetra or leave us an enquiry, we are ready to assist you.

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