How real-time data can be leveraged by construction companies to reduce fuel costs

Apr 14, 2023

Fuel Management System in the Construction Industry

Construction companies rely greatly on heavy equipment and machinery like earthmovers, which require large amounts of fuel to operate. One of the biggest challenges faced by the construction industry is the rising cost of fuel, as it is a significant expense or spend to be considered. Finding ways to reduce fuel spend and wastage helps to lower operating costs and improve the productivity of construction companies. The larger the company and its operations, fuel spend becomes a big challenge.

Telematics has become a Game Changer

Fleet Management Technology has come to help many companies and also the construction industry. Telematics has become game changer for many businesses taking to digitalisation. Telematics with the use of sensors, wireless tracking devices and GPS technology has allowed fleet businesses and construction companies to gather real-time data on factors like fuel consumption, idle time, machine and driver performance, to analyse and identify areas for reducing fuel wastage and help improve fuel efficiency.

Some studies have found that an average construction company can gain a 28% reduction in fuel wastage just from idling time and within a year of adopting the fleet management software. Other fleet owners may see even better results in a short span of time. Construction fleet companies have to keep up with the increasing expectations of various stakeholders around sustainability. It is particularly so for environmental social and governance (ESG) reporting.

Data for Informed Decision Making

The fleet management app not only analyses the fuel usage data of fleets, it compliments with other factors monitored that help in fuel saving, such as, idling time spent, driver behaviour or bad driving habits, emissions, engine speed, road or traffic conditions, preventive maintenance, engine condition monitoring and optimised route planning in real-time. All these aspects contribute to the saving of fuel and related costs of operations. The software application also considers the type of vehicle or equipment being used, to analyse and draw out insightful reports useful to fleet managers and project managers which help to make informed decisions. The software is customisable, scalable and considers the mix of vehicles deployed for carious tasks in construction and at sites.

Trinetra offers a reliable, customisable scalable, mobile app supported, web-based Fleet Management System software that uses telematics technology and Data Analytics. Fleet managers easily track individual vehicles in a mixed fleet, detecting all stops, locations, deviations or non-compliance, all in real-time. Using telematics, it also helps in driver management and offers quick scalability. The right fleet management software supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle data diagnosis is a worthy investment.

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