How do Organization benefit from GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions: Part Two

May 03, 2014

How do Organization benefit from GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions-Part Two1

It’s high time for small businesses / organizations to invest in a GPS vehicle tracking solution to enhance profitability and productivity during this busy time of the year.

Many small businesses are unaware and reluctant to invest in what seems like a difficult and luxurious solution, but the real fact is that GPS vehicle tracking solutions are inexpensive and extremely beneficial to all business sizes and its unique requirements.

In our previous blog, we discussed two ways on how GPS vehicle tracking solutions could benefit small businesses; let’s take a look at few more.

3. Smarter Route Planning and Driver Safety:
Nothing else annoys other than getting stuck in traffic, small business fleets can’t bear to waste money and time on idling or making pit stops. With Trinetra’s GPS fleet tracking solutions, fleet managers can seamlessly track, recognize and reroute fleet drivers. GPS tracking solutions notifies immediately if unusual driving patterns occur or if drivers enter unauthorized locations. Through GPS fleet tracking, drivers are kept safe and conveyances are kept on-time.

4. Diminish Insurance Rates:
With developments in GPS tracking solutions, more insurance agencies have come up with providing attractive discounts on insurance premiums to organizations / businesses that has vehicles equipped with a real-time GPS fleet tracking system.

5. Locate High Value Assets/Vehicles Easily – Locate your high values assets / vehicles or stolen vehicles with exact location details through GPS technology.

6. Optimize Financial Management – Perfect GPS log information/reports allows you to generate more practical profit and loss analysis, improves accountability, and enhances better budget preparation.

7. Excellent Customer Support – Real time GPS tracking solutions allows you to offer absolute customer services, with quicker response times and on-time deliveries enhance ROI for your small business.

Trinetra offers wide range of GPS fleet tracking solutions for businesses of all sizes. If you are interested to know more about how you can benefit from executing a vehicle tracking solution for your transportation business, view our live demos or request for pricing today.

We’re glad that Trinetra’s – GPS vehicle tracking solution has been successfully implemented in India, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Australia and other countries.

Are you one among the small business looking to implement a GPS Vehicle tracking solution? Well you’re at right place! Check out Trinetra’s Business intelligence solution!

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