How Optimized schedules and planned routes improve fleet productivity

May 30, 2015

How Optimized schedules and planned routes improve fleet productivity

Operating an efficient fleet for on time customer service will always starts with appropriate planning for pickups, deliveries and/or service calls.  GPS vehicle tracking solutions for Route Planning and optimization helps fleet managers to maximize fleet and mobile resource utilization and efficiency.

Every fleet manager will be familiar with the complexities of assigning, planning daily tasks and scheduling routes to their fleet drivers.  Fleet managers can ensure drivers are efficient and productive like never before with a proper route planning and exact task allocation.

Schedule optimization and Route planning for fleet vehicles will lead to improve service, increase productivity decrease costs and reduce the environmental impact of your fleet. Listed below are some ways that.,

How Optimized schedules and planned routes improve fleet productivity

  • Delivery Planning: Optimize and preparing exact replenishment strategies for right time delivery to customer place will maximize customer service and profit.
  • Route Planning: To accelerate fleet ability will continuously lead to create optimal reliable routes which will be cost effective and beneficial for perfect fleet management.
  • Schedule preparation: Real-time appointment scheduling for pick-up, delivery, or service commitments will help to keep fleet operations productive and profitable and increase customer satisfaction.

Benefits of route and schedule optimization

  • Real-time product delivery tracking
  • Efficient delivery routing, employee scheduling and overtime identification
  • Maximize fleet production with increased deliveries per day
  • Reduce vehicle usage, speeding, and idling for a more eco-friendly and profitable business

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